Education in Congress 60 Means Knowing Life Rules
7/18/2021 12:00:00 AM

Education in Congress 60 Means Knowing Life Rules

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A broad range of knowledge and science presented by Congress 60 helps illuminate our potential to help others. The more Congress 60 moves forward, the greater the value of this work, this method, and this training become.

The 13th session of the ninth round of the private educational workshops for Congress 60's travelers, in the Buin Miandasht branch, was administered on Thursday, May 24, 2021, at 5 p.m. by traveler Gholamreza as the master of ceremony and traveler Mr. Hakimi, the watcher, as the guest speaker and traveler Manochehr as the secretary with the agenda "The Forth Valley and its Effect on Me".


A summary of the guest speaker's speech:


Thank God that I am with you, dear ones and I take it as a good omen. I hope we will take advantage of the spring of Congress 60 and if we have diseases, we will be cured. In some areas where a new branch of Congress 60 is launched, such as Buin Miandasht, Malayer, Arak, etc., we realize that their members have a special bias towards their region. Congress 60 does not take geography into account and aims to create unity by integrating these people into one society. The most important thing is that people come here and receive training regardless of their geographical region.


I am the same as you, and geography does not determine our differences. Give proper consideration to your group and create solidarity. Through the spread of Congress 60's science and knowledge, such a light shines on us that we can help others. The more Congress 60 moves forward, the greater the value of this work, this method, and this training become. As a human being, I should be grateful that I have the opportunity to work in this situation. To be thankful, I need to love others and be able to solve people's problems. By serving other humans, God solves my problems and helps me to untie my inside knots. Hence, we need to help each other and tackle our problems.

The most important point in small communities is that people might know each other which is a characteristic of a small society, so we should respect the privacy of people who enter here. By maintaining good behavior, we can keep this place a safe place for those who come here. This is very crucial, otherwise we will not be able to expand Congress 60’s branches. We must protect people’s identities, especially those who care a lot about their reputation. According to the fourth valley, we must accept our responsibility and protect our identity.

We must create solidarity and unity, and education plays an important role in it. To get back in balance, I need to acquire the necessary training. This type of education is entirely different from literacy and involves knowing the rules of life. Congress 60’s valleys are life’s rules. The first valley reads we need to think about everything, and we will not reach the destination without thinking. The second valley reads that no creature comes into existence without a purpose. The third valley reads that no one cares about you as much as you do. Sometimes something happens and we say that it happened according to God’s will. Yes, he wants but not at every moment and everywhere. God’s will is usually in line with our will and effort. But, there is a wide range of things that do not need God’s command, and our contemplation determines our destiny, such as addiction.

Translated by traveler Ehsan Abolhasani


The fourth valley reads you are the center of yourself (you are the reason behind everything that happens for you). We need to learn these rules and use them in our day-to-day lives. The system called the X-system by Mr. Dezhakam is our body commander. Any command issued by this commander will affect the whole body. Nothing can replace the body's natural opiates which are released through neurotransmitters. To treat addiction, we must consider the right method, the right time, and the right medication. So it means we can heal ourselves. Other people who are not addicts like your companions can do this process by changing their worldview.

During the first journey (a journey from using the drug to getting rid of it), we have to obey our guide’s commands, and we do not need to comment. Everything that is said in Congress 60 is in our interest. We should realize that we cannot harm Congress 60 because it is not a physical structure. When we serve others in Congress 60, they respect us. And last but not least, we have to forget this belief that addiction to Meth (Methamphetamine) and Heroin are difficult to be cured. The treatment of Meth is a piece of cake in Congress 60. We should try to help other people when we get treatment. In congress 60, serving situations are not compared to one another, and none are superior to the other. My thanks go to all the people who are serving here, and I hope that we will all treat one another with respect and friendship.


Translated by: Traveler Ehsan







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Topic : Weekly Workshop Topic
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