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The Fourth Valley: In vital matters, leaving the responsibility to God means neglecting one’s own responsibility.

The Fourth Valley: In vital matters, leaving the responsibility to God means neglecting one’s own responsibility.
In vital matters, leaving the responsibility to God means neglecting one’s own responsibility.
In this valley we will try to shed light on the borders between our vital matters, supreme power position or responsibility regarding these matters and our own position and responsibilities. Our perception and realization of God or the supreme power behind creation can be different from each other.
At contemplation valley which includes the first, second and the third valley; it was discussed that the major part of our living responsibility is on our own shoulders.
One kind of evasion is to neglect our responsibility and leave it to God as a divine, symbolic and theosophical movement and out of our indolence. “God you are supreme and great we depend on you so that you may solve our illnesses and problems”, we might say!
Do we believe that God exists to clear our debts? To take money from someone else and give it to us! Or if I did a crime and I was arrested and sent to jail, God or supreme powers must bring me out of that jail? Or I can rest and God will take care of my family expenses? And many other issues and problems that we are asking God to solve for us!
It is like God and supreme forces are our servants and we are planning for them and telling them what to do and what not to do!
I think that sometimes we mistake God with the Aladdin’s enchanted lamp!
Perhaps some of us believe in luck instead of God, I must say that we cannot depend safely on luck. We must depend on ourselves if we are to success. I believe if we do our part then we can ask for God or supreme power support or then we can wait for luck. This is essential to know that the divine hands only inspire and the rest is up to us.
Unfortunately sometimes our expectations of supreme power are not logical, perhaps it is because that our knowledge of supreme power is inaccurate. When the creation of human being was completed, this new creation was steered toward a crossing, and he was given the power of will to choose. One road is integrity, peace and virtue. The other road is vices, falsity, abomination and obscenity. Then he demarked and specified the end of each road.
Now if we believe in supreme power existence then we know that he has announced in many divine books: the responsibility of our deeds are ours to bear. How is it that we are trying to pass our lives obligations to God? Isn’t this escaping our living responsibilities?! Now this question may be raised, that what is the role of prayers?
In response it must be mentioned that we believe, the prayers will be effective if we walk the righteous path and obey the God’s commands. We must accept the obligations of our living and never quit trying then our prayers will be effective because this is God’s promise. Perhaps our theory about God and the forces behind
creation is not just. Because if we have known that force correctly we wouldn’t steer our life to agitation, illness or any other trouble. Now that we want to know this supreme power, let’s gain a rather true cognition. Some of us may be extremists and impugn or accept some matters out of ignorance and without thinking. One day we are a votary and the next day we are impious and we call it intellectualism! And then we assume that inwards are superstitious and noodle but we are wise. Milliards don’t understand but we do! Never mind!
This supreme power or the former of the universe is so great and powerful that we can’t see him, it is like we are standing on earth but we can’t see it. Anyway, in order to realize this force passing our own gates is mandatory, in other words, initially we must get to know ourselves. If we know ourselves then we will realize that force certainly, and as we start knowing this great force we can make positive changes in our lives. Therefore in this valley we are trying to discover the human’s
The human essence is divided into two parts: the first is the body (physique) which is visible and the second is the spirit (energy).Millions of cells that make up the body will perish after death, but the spiritual essence is released as a form of energy and will travel to a designated destination. If we look deep within ourselves we can locate a center of energy within us, assuming we aren’t involved with material, possessions and prestige, which are not compatible with the actual purpose of our creation. Following wisdom’s command can lead us towards realizing the mysteries of our inner and outer essence and also the secret of other universes parallel to ours.
External universes do exist but only when the internal eye has been opened to them and this happens for individuals obedient to the supreme force. Other creatures do not have the luxury of this divine gift and anyone who aspires for this gift need the divine grace alongside a refinement process which is not easy at all.
Creation is so diverse in other universes that is hard to imagine and that’s why it is unbelievable. We have not been  able to comprehend even the slightest details of it; therefore, we try to realize ourselves, the true self. 
adopted from: the book" Love"
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