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The Sixth Valley and its Impact on Me

The Sixth Valley and its Impact on Me


The seventh session of the fourth round of Ardestan Public Workshops was held by Mr. Ahmad Hakimi, as the  guest speaker , and Traveller Abbas, as the  Secretary , with the issue of “The Sixth Valley and its Impact on Me” on Monday, February 11, 2021 at 4:00 PM.





The guest speaker’s words:
At first, speaker expressed his happiness because of being present in Ardestan branch and thanked Mr.Dezhakam  and his family for his today´s good mood.

He continued to talk about serving in  Congress 60, and mentioned whoever serves in Congress  benefits himself first.



As Mr. Dezhakam asserts in his recent CDs, it is good to imprison himself in a desert to purify and refine but it is not possible to do it perfectly.
According to the holy Quran, by living alone we cannot improve our  true position.   We cannot truly know ourselves or,  are not able to find the necessary  knowledge   and the things that are  inside of us won’t  be visible. If I want to exemplify it, it is like I have a piece of land,  from the outside, there is no impurities, it looks clear and flat but  if I plow it,  all contaminants and impurities are identified.

The person who serves is like the one who wants to plow their ground, while they are plowing, they can not plant anything and reach production. This plowing does not happen with anything but serving.

Serving of any kind is good, especially serving one another for free and with no expectation. This plowing ourselves may be accompanied  with  pain and suffering, because when we see our defects, we get upset, however, the main point is that we can see our faults and we can remove them. Serving must be carried out with kindness and respect.

Therefore,  Congress 60  is based is on love, kindness and faith.  By love we mean respect. The way others behave me goes back to my worldview, and I determine how others treat me.




So we should not compare Congress  60 with any other NGOs  because It is an amazing system. Mr. Hakimi asserted one of  the things which I do in all my services is to  respect (others). Because I know all of us are the same  and we all have experienced  darkness.
Outside Congress 60, we were treated with disrespect and labelled as addicts, but this is the way Congress 60 does, and the person who enters Congress 60 is given character and respected.
We must make people who come to Congress 60 hopeful.  And it is not acceptable to disappoint others in Congress 60.  The radical changes which are engrained in a person will remain forever. A  guide’s behaviour and the liberation of a person from drug  is a very valuable work. If a person commits a wrong deed, they will be caught in the hell of it and there is no need for the guide to rebuke them and the guide should not disappoint the pupil. A guide should be very strong in order to let their pupil easily rely on them.
Another thing that the guide should not do is not to put the traveller  against Congress 60. Therefore, how to behave is very important. I myself always take a note of my students’ behaviour to help them know themselves better.  In  Congress 60, a second traveller who smokes cigarettes is like the one who consumes heroin and he must refine himself (he must be liberated from nicotine addiction) .

The fate of those who are irregular is not clear in Congress 60.  Mr Hakimi further recommended that as Ardestan is a small city outside the Congress, you should not communicate  each other outside Congress 60 because it causes problems and we must keep the identity of the people secret.
He mentioned people of Ardestan should know the value of  God’s mercy which has encompassed this land. This situation made us come out of this darkness and  ignorance. Man is harmed from  where he does not know, but thinks that he knows.
 A person who cannot travel well is hurt from this part. OT (Opium Tincture) is a holy medicine and we should know its value. It is not available in any countries. Our country spent a lot of energy and money to produce this medicine in order to help people to get rid of addiction.


 Mr. Dezhakam asserts in the educational CD “Soul”  we need to improve our knowledge to be able to live in peace.  He emphasised coming to Congress 60 with our family to live in comfort and peace. Getting out of darkness and  ignorance are the biggest bless of God .

 They can not cure humans anywhere except Congress 60, even if we spend billions of dollars. In Congress 60, in addition to the disease of addiction, many other diseases that could not be cured were solved. One of the other things that Mr. Dezhakam has  mentioned in recent CDs is to think about the end of what you want to do, and everything in existence is changeable. Dear travellers, I advise you to come to Congress 60 with your family even if they do not accept Congress 60. You  yourself, by changing your behaviour, can convey this feeling to them and cause them to be encouraged and come to Congress 60Mr. Hakimi continued if a person does not accept something, it is impossible to be taught by force, because the time of knowing that thing has not come for him. Therefore, it is necessary for human beings to be grateful and thankful. A person who is awake is grateful. I hope you succeed in the upcoming exam and I hope this group  remain constant and determined. Thank you very much for listening to me and I am proud of being  at your service.

Translated by Companion Azam

Reviewed by Elahe




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