Inspirations from the Holy Month of Ramadan
4/9/2021 12:00:00 AM

Inspirations from the Holy Month of Ramadan

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In the holy Quran, it has been mentioned: [Koteba: it has been written; Alaykom: for you; SIAM: fasting] “SIAM [fasting] has been written to you so that you become decent”, that is to control yourself. We fast so that we can take the control of our abdomen and everything related to us.

Inspirations from Ramadan

Hello friends, I am Hossein a traveler. I hope you are fine and I am fine too. Today is Wednesday, April, the 7th 2021. It is 9:57 a.m. Coronavirus is still attacking people, all the cities are red and black (due to lots of death toll in Iran); however, fortunately, in Congress 60, we have not any problem tackling Coronavirus (because of finding D-sap as an effective medicine to cure it).

Happy new year to you (the solar year 1400), we hold all our meetings in Nowruz, in both face-to-face and virtual mode. In the previous year, in spite of Coronavirus pandemic, we had lots of newcomers to Congress 60, 15324 newcomers joined Congress 60 in the previous year (the solar year 1399) which is higher than 1398 in number. There are more than 10899 individuals on the treatment process and it is amazing around the world.



Congress of Didebanans’ (watchers) decisions:

*All the safety Border-guards are responsible for all the Congress 60 internal safety affairs. All the fire-extinguishers  and door locks must be checked and controlled  time to time and you have to learn how to work with fire-extinguishers. Safety is very important because the life of people is very important to us.

*All the payments for Golrizan (Money Donation Ceremony) must be paid from July 22nd to February 19th.       

*You must avoid leaving valuable things in all branches of Congress 60 to prevent theft and robbery.

Today’s agenda is Inspiration from Ramadan. Ramadan has been an inspiring and pleasing month to Congress 60 members. We cooked dinner together and eating Iftar together was very enjoyable. When people do something in groups, ties of love will be strengthened within them. On the other hand, when some people do wrong together, they will become enemy, because they do their best to deceive each other. In Ramadan, all Congress 60 members cooperated with each other to cook and prepare Iftar and it made this ceremony interesting. However, Congress 60’s role model is Ramadan. The work of Congress 60 started its work in Ramadan, everything was learned from this month. Fasting is common in all over the world, some people fast and do not eat meat [pork], some do not drink (beverages), [we have even water fasting] or speech fast. The same holds true for travelers in Congress 60 members. A traveler who is curing his addiction must use his OT (opium tincture medicine) at fixed hours and this job is harder than going on a fast. Because when you are fasting, you know you have to avoid eating from this time to that time and after that you are allowed to eat or drink whatever you wish and any amount you desire; however, when you are an addiction traveler, you must use a limited amount of drugs at very specific times.

In the holy Quran, it is mentioned that “Fasting is written to you as it had been written for your ascendants”. All religions including Christianity and Judaism, Zoroastrians and Buddhists have different types of fast. All religions have their own type of fasting. God even told Saint Mary, the mother of Jesus, not to speak with people (speaking fast: avoid speaking with people for three days) or the same has been told to Zakaria. Then, you see, fasting has got different types. It is also mentioned that Fasting has been written to you. The word “WRITTEN” is very important, it does not say: “you HAVE TO fast”, it is said: “fasting is written to you” which means it is necessary for you. Our body is like a machine. You know when a machine is made or created, the creator or producer prepares a catalog for it to let us know how to use this machine. For instance, on a catalog of a car, it is written that you have to change its engine oil after 5000 miles of driving or use anti-ice chemicals in winter. You know all the required information for all the machines or cars are given in a catalog. Even for using a computer, you have it    Our body acts the same as a very intelligent and complex machine and it needs protection and in the Holy Quran it has been mentioned that Fasting is written to you, so that the body system will be protected.

We do not consider how intelligent and complex is our body. When you want to go upstairs or downstairs, your feet do it automatically. Do you know how difficult it is [to go upstairs and downstairs]? One of the problems that scientists had designing and creating robots was that the robots could not go downstairs, going up is easier than coming down because the robots might fall down from upstairs. A system must be highly balanced so that they can go down. Our body is a [marvelous] system. Even robots have many problems taking things, for instance, you easily take a glass from a table, but the robots do not know how much pressure is needed to take different things and they may break the glass while picking it up, but you do it automatically. You cannot take two things with the same pressure, the heavier the thing, the more pressure you need, however, without noticing it, our body does it automatically. You see our body is a very meticulously designed system, which requires careful protection and care. Our food is like  gasoline we need for our car, we should know what and how much to eat and if we do not know how to deal with this machine, we will encounter many problems. That is why we started losing weight. When you fill the fuel tank, and extra gas will be wasted. When you eat much food, more than required, your body has to accumulate the extra food in the body, around your heart, arms, and abdomen, and after a while you notice that you are 40 or 30  kilograms overweight.

We have to know how to protect the machine of body, and to this end,  the holy month of Ramadan will help us very much. You see, those who fast are octogenarians or live longer. I learned two things from the holy month of Ramadan: the first was the DST method (Dezhakam Step Time: for liberation from addiction), the second was losing weight, because I realized that after Ramadan, I lost four or five kilograms. Then I continued my Ramadan dietary regime and I found out that I do not know the rules of eating. Therefore, I learned the eating rules and my weight became normal. Many Congress 60 members also did the same as me and lost over 40 or 30 kilograms of their weight and now they are very fit, fresh and healthy.

In the holy Quran, it has been mentioned: [Koteba: it has been written; Alaykom: for you; SIAM: fasting] “SIAM [fasting] has been written to you so that you become decent”,  that is to control yourself. We fast so that we can take the control of our abdomen  and everything related to us. One of the most difficult things is to control your  Self: to control our behaviours, our thought and contemplation.


I even found out how to lose weight in Ramadan. I realized in Ramadan I had lost eight kilos of weight due to fasting and then I started to work on it. Those who are overweight have not any control over their eating. Therefore, fasting means controlling yourself, controlling your Self, your thoughts and behaviours.

The DST method is itself regarded as our SIAM [fast], because it tells us how to use our drug, when to use it and how much. The DST method is itself a role model which is drawn from the holy month of Ramadan. We have applied this model and we were completely successful. My treatment also started in Ramadan which has been fully described in the book “Crossing the zone of 60 degrees minus zero”, I learned everything from the holy month of Ramadan.

Some people may believe that “religion” is something absurd, fasting is nonsense and everything related to religions is ridiculous; they believe that the more one is against religion, the wiser they are; however, a person must reach higher levels of wisdom so that they can understand the Divine Rules. Our great men including Rumi, Sa’adi, Hafez and Ferdosi all were religious people, they were all the Holy Quran’s pupils.

I hope we can benefit from Ramadan, I say as a joke that fasting is optional but eating Iftar together is compulsory. Eat your Iftar together and enjoy your gathering so that you can benefit from this month.

Thank you for listening to me.

Translated by Elahe 

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Topic : Weekly Workshop Topic
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