Wisdom's command, as the commander in chief, should be carried out accordingly
2/24/2021 12:00:00 AM

Wisdom's command, as the commander in chief, should be carried out accordingly

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Congress 60 has reached its wisdom’s command because whenever we think of buying lands, we do it as soon as we decide. We decided to establish our own university and we did it; therefore, Congress 60 is reaching its Wisdom’s Command.


The tenth session of the 71st Congress60 workshops in the Academy branch of Congress60 was administered on February 3rd, 2021 at 10 a.m. by Mr.  Dezhakam as the master of ceremony and companion Fateme, as the secretary. The agenda was “The sixth valley and its effect on me”. The sixth valley reads “Wisdom's command, as the commander in chief, should be carried out accordingly."



Mr. Dezhakam’s speech: Hello friends, I am Hossein, a traveler. Hope you are fine and I am fine too.

All Congress 60 members are required to write educational CDs of Congress 60. All the Didebans (watchers) of Congress 60 including my own family members write one CD a week and I sign their notebooks. Why do we write CDs? Because writing CDs trains and instructs us and we will be docile and amenable. If we do not write CDs, we will be wild in behavior, we will be easily annoyed and many (bad) things occur then.

Sometimes, we see the branches of Congress 60 in different towns are doing better than Tehran Branches, because those cities are receiving the knowledge of Congress 60 appropriately (because they write the CDs routinely) and all the guides of Congress 60 are doing their job based on these educational CDs. The educational CDs and their instructions have integrated us together and the guides teach these instructions.

Another point is that we in Congress 60 have not any concept like “this tribe or that ethnicity”; [we all belong to Congress 60 and in the election time, we cannot lobby the members for one person], because in Congress 60, people are judged based on their knowledge and wisdom, and the closest people to God are the most virtuous ones. Nowhere was it mentioned that this ethnicity or that tribe are the closest to God; therefore, avoid segregation. In Congress 60, even two brothers or two sisters cannot attend the same legion and a guide cannot accept their relatives in their legions. Congress 60 works upon its members’ honesty.

 A great man was asked: “how did you deal with these (difficult) people?” He answered: our relationship was thinner than a hair; however, when they pulled the thread, I just loosed the thread, and when I held it tightly, they loosened. We do the same, when the government strictly acts (because of Coronavirus pandemic situation), we loosen;  when everything is in peace, we do our work. Therefore, in coronavirus situation, all the branches of Congress 60 must be open only three days a week and one day for companions. We are not allowed to hold meetings all weekdays, because our workforce will be tired and neighbours will object.

Do not attend Taleqani Park in full, the fewer, the better, because we are in the pandemic situation and attending 2000 to 3000 individuals in the park will hurt us (due to the Ministry of Health and Medical Sciences’ rules and regulations).

Because of some duties, some members of Congress 60 are closer to me; therefore, these people must be more careful about their behavior. They must observe the rules more strictly and they must be more obedient to the rules and authorities.

Fortunately, we bought a building for the companions in Tehran and I am grateful to Mr. Majid who made an endeavor to buy this building.




Today’s agenda is the Command of Wisdom (the sixth valley and its effect on me). There are some people who relate everything to brain and some think that there is no world after this world; they do not have any belief in the Hereafter. They think human being is born and after a while they die. These people are called materialists, it means they see everything in the material.

However, some people believe that there is a world after this world, we should think that there is a car and a driver. The driver will exist forever, therefore, the driver can change the car. The driver is the human Self and the car is our body. The driver gets out of the car and leaves it and continues their own journey. If a person does not believe in the Hereafter, they are not bad people, but  the problem is that the person who believes in  the hereafter has one way of living and the person who does not believe in the hereafter has another way of living and lives differently.

We have to gauge everything against one criterion and we know nothing about the existence.  If a person believes in the hereafter, they would not overcharge people, they would not deceive anyone, they would not misjudge people, nor torture them.

As Romi asserts: “oh, my brother, you are nothing but just contemplation, and what remains out of you is some bones and flesh. We do  not know from what material the Wisdom is made. We should know we don’t know anything about the existence. We might know something about ourselves, but this knowledge is nothing as compared with the knowledge of the world. The number of minutes from the era of prophet Mohammad has not reached one billion minutes (within 1400 years), then think of the fact that scientists say the distance between the earth and one galaxy is 93 billion light years (a light year equals about 9.46 trillion kilometres, 9.46×1012 km, or 5.88 trillion miles), see how little our knowledge is. Then, based on this very limited knowledge, some people claim that “God does not exist”. We have very limited knowledge to claim such things, we do not know our own body and inner world, let alone know the Whole Existence.  Therefore, it is very significant which view we take, if we believe in the Hereafter, we do not misjudge people, we do not torture them, and we respect their rights. If we believe that this world is the farm for the hereafter, and if we believe that after our death we still continue our life, our style of living will change.

The place of wisdom is not brain, because when a person dies, their brain will be demolished; however, we speak with our deceased, if their wisdom were set in their brain, they would be without wisdom now; but people all petition their deceased, Jesus Christ or Moses for help, now if we suppose that their wisdom was in their brain, they were lacking wisdom. Wisdom is a divine source coming from God and it is self-dominated. And soul is led by wisdom. The soul leads us but wisdom prepares the situation for the soul’s action to lead us. If wisdom does not work properly, the path of soul’s development is blocked. Self on the other hand is the thing which determines our existence in the apparent and hidden (aspects) and soul is the entity which leads our apparent and hidden aspect of ours. The soul leads us towards the goodness and is under the domination of wisdom. As was mentioned before, human entity consists of three parts: Self, Soul and Jinn. Soul invites us to the righteous way, Jinn invites us to the wrong way and Self is the entity which selects to do the right or wrong. If Self does what the soul mentions, the power of wisdom increases,  and if the Jinn wins, the power of wisdom decreases. Wisdom never orders wrong but it is misled when it receives wrong information from senses.  

After our death, our contemplation and wisdom create scenes. We do the same right now, we can create everything in our mind right now. Then if a person has reached the Wisdom’s command, they can reach whatever they want. For instance, Congress 60 has reached its wisdom’s command because whenever we think of buying lands, we do it as soon as we decide. We decided to establish our own university and we did it; therefore, Congress 60 is reaching its Wisdom’s Command.

We all have to obey our Wisdom’s command. It means we have to do whatever is rational to us and it must begin with doing the simplest works. For instance, a person who desires to be a guide makes great endeavors and studies around the clock and as a result they become a guide. When you want to take a shower or when you want to get up at 6 a.m. and you cannot, it means that you have not carried out your Wisdom’s Command. Wisdom’s Command means doing the smallest [rational] things, therefore, to reach peace in our life, we have to observe the Wisdom’s command. We cannot kill ourselves, because even if we commit suicide, we are still alive. We all want to live in peace and we don’t want anything but living in a paradise [place] with love and without hatred and dislike [this will be achieved by obeying the Wisdom’s Command]. I hope God helps us reach this stand. Thank you for listening to me.

Translated by Elahe  



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Topic : Weekly Workshop Topic
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