Worldview in Recovery: by Mr. Amin Dezhakam part one
1/21/2021 12:00:00 AM

Worldview in Recovery: by Mr. Amin Dezhakam part one

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our perception, feelings, understanding and outlook towards the whole universe (internal and external) is our worldview.

The first time that I came across the phrase ‘worldview’ was in high school. I read the definition a few times until I memorized it even though I did not like the sound of it.

I asked myself ‘what does it mean? What is the use for it?’ It made no sense to me and it seemed very useless at that time.

In fact, I believe memorizing definitions and concepts do not bring an understanding unless they are clear and practical. I never thought at that time that one day I would be teaching discourses on worldview.

Eleven years has passed since that time and I realize the importance of this concept more and more. Back then I tried to understand the core of the subject by just reading the first few lines.

Today however, I have come up with a simpler and more tangible definition of worldview which makes complete sense to me when I think about it.

Just remember that it is only the name of this book.


Worldview: our perception, feelings, understanding and outlook towards the whole universe (internal and external) is our worldview.

Internal worldview includes our perception, feeling and reflections upon ourselves and external worldview refers to our perception and feeling in regards to the entire universe and creation.


The issue of worldview and the journey in Congress60:


This concept was first introduced as one of the parameters in the treatment of drug addiction.

It is one of the sides in the treatment triangle of drug addiction with the other two sides being the physical body and the psyche.

In Congress60’s view, all there aspects must be treated and healed successfully in order to overcome drug addiction.

We read in Congress60’s writings: in order to gain an optimum balance in the body and mind approximately 11 months is needed; there is no time limit to improve one’s worldview.

Our aim in these discourses lies in a practical worldview necessary to better understand the triangle of addiction treatment.




The above mentioned concepts do apply to everyone since we all need to improve our knowledge in regards to a right attitude towards life, living and the universe.

There are three journeys recommended in Congress60.



The first journey:

This is for our dear friends who have decided to redeem themselves from the bondage of drug addiction, a journey of redemption from using drugs to complete cessation.

The second journey:

A drug free life involving a continuous search for one’s true self; this journey is for travelers and companion who desire bliss through understanding and would be impossible without a confident worldview.

There is no time limit for this journey and it depends on the individual’s efforts, desire and current status in life.

The third journey:

This is a spiritual journey beyond time and place to seek one’s creator or the entity we refer to as ‘Supreme power’; the first step involves knowing one’s self and there is no end predicted for this journey.




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