Doing sports, a Proper Way to Introduce Congress60
1/1/2021 12:00:00 AM

Doing sports, a Proper Way to Introduce Congress60

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We have learned in Congress60 that we either win or learn, and we do not consider losing as a symbol of failure or hopelessness.

 The third session of the 17th round of companion’s workshops of Congress 60 was held in the Shams branch on December 22th, 2020 at 3 p.m. by companion Ozra, as the guest speaker; companion Sepideh, as the master of ceremony, and companion Sara as the secretary.  The agenda was “The sport’s worldview”.

The Guest Speaker’s words:

We are all familiar with exercising (doing sports). Some people exercise professionally, and others do it normally as a daily routine. We all need exercising to improve the quality of our life and every individual should choose an appropriate sport according to the anatomy of his/her body. We pursue a goal by exercising in Congress60, and it is nothing but achieving well-being mentally and physically. Doing sports is regarded as a complement to our treatment process. It promotes health and vitality, and it is very beneficial for our body as well.

When I am speaking about sports, I mean the proper field that Congress60 has provided to us. Some sports in which the Mafia is behind the scenes and there are heavy bets on winning and losing as well as heavy competition, bring nothing but destruction for human beings and have no training.

We are engaged in various sports on Fridays in Taleghani Park, including Aerobics, Chess, Darts, Volleyball, Badminton, etc, which are taught by the coaches. In addition to training and exercises, competitions are held regularly. Although winning a tournament is very sweet and enjoyable. Our goal in Congress60 is not to win or lose a competition because we have learned here that we either win or learn and losing is not considered as a symbol of failure or hopelessness.

By failure, we learn to try more than before and increase our tolerance. Achieving a medal is very honorable, enjoyable, and is of great importance, but it is not a priority. Today, the rugby team of Congress60 has won the national championship, which has brought a lot of honor to Congress60. One of the most important medals received by these heroes is the Ethics Cup, and I have to emphasize that all the members and players of this team were all drug users who once had a lot of destruction in the past. But with God’s help and the right and correct thinking of Mr. Dezhakam by providing sports along with education, these people have made Congress60 and our beloved country proud.

Mr. Dezhakam noted during the sport’s worldview week that exercising not only plays an important role in our treatment process and our mental balance, but also can help us to be an ambassador for Congress60 to introduce it globally. We have to inform anyone who sees our well-being, vitality, and mental balance in sports ceremonies that we are Congress60’s members. Doing sport is a proper way to introduce Congress60 and complements our treatment process.

In Congress60, I was able to get experience in two sports fields including Volleyball and Shooting, which was amazing for me. Moreover, this has helped me to strengthen my concentration and mental balance and to get rid of negative thoughts. Exercising in Taleghani Park, which is a very suitable place, is very lively and fun. We must strive to rebuild our bodies and reach balance so that we can act as a wing for our travelers to fly. We must strengthen our spirits and create vitality by doing regular exercise so that we can help our travelers during their treatment process.


Translated by: Traveler Ehsan Abolhasani

January 1st, 2021


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Topic : Weekly Workshop Topic
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