Ignorance, Our Main Enemy
12/19/2020 12:00:00 AM

Ignorance, Our Main Enemy

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If I am supposed to achieve comfort and tranquillity, I have to separate my line from this group and go back to the values.

A conclusion derived from  the CD “Yarran” (Friends)

If a person wants more peace and comfort, he must follow a series of rules of life. As a result of not following these rules, he will have problems and will not be able to enjoy his life and have a good time. To keep the balance of our lives in this world, we should follow the rules. We know that human beings always create problems for themselves; the biggest and the smallest problems are decided by human beings. In fact, ignorance is our main enemy. In this CD, three groups are mentioned, which are also referred to in the Holy Quran: the right-hand companions, the left-hand companions, and the Foremost ones. It is important to find out which group we belong to. Except the foremost group that is hard to be one of them, we talk about left-hand companions. I must pay attention to a point that if I am one of the left-hand companions and I am constantly causing problems for myself and others, I can not experience a good life. If I am supposed to achieve comfort and tranquillity, I have to separate my line from  this group and go back to the values.
The  left-hand companions always work in the indirect line and do anti-value works and constantly put themselves in trouble . On the other hand, the companions of the right-hand   work in the direct line and do valuable works  so they can Have a very good life.

Those who have positive thoughts and ideas and do good deeds, their Khmer part works well so they can be useful both for themselves and for others. So it is very important to know which group I am in and to know which group the people I am in contact with are also in. I may be one of the companions of the right, but I am in contact with people from the left-hand group. Certainly, they influence me negatively through inspirations so I will be drawn to the negative group. Be careful who we are in contact with And what group are they from so that we do not have more problems in our lives.
Sometimes we want to reach the destination by the shortest way  without thinking and without searching and studying ,in this case, not only we can reaching the destination sooner,  but also our   way becomes longer and harder  and we can not have any progress.
As you know, demons and spirits always want to draw us to themselves with their inspirations ; the soul wants to make us do good deeds, and the jinn wants us to do bad deeds,  it is important to know our jinn and our souls, and to know which one is inspiring us.
When something happens to us or we are angry; Let us pause, be silent, be patient, and see what our inner voice says, whether it intends to disturb us or to invite us to peace  Knowing this information makes me have a better life.
the soul comes from God and can not be evil.
As I move toward values, I can reduce my negative inspirations and destroy my inner Jinn. So I need to know myself better, as well as those I am surrounded with . Because human beings are the same physically , but mentally different. Man always needs a guide and teacher to manage his life, so that by leading his guide, they can reach a life full of peace and comfort.

Written by: Companion Effat

Translated by: Companion Azam

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