“To Whom Money Belongs?”
12/4/2020 12:00:00 AM

“To Whom Money Belongs?”

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No one can help Congress 60 unless people who have felt the pain of addiction. Because people who are out of Congress 60 have no idea about addiction miseries.


The second session of the 1st round of Sardar's companion legion in Khomein branch of Congress 60 was held on October, 18th 2020  by companion Mahtab as the master of ceremony, Companion Elahe, the agent of the branch and companion Homa as the Interim Secretary. The agenda was “To Whom Money Belongs?”

The guest speaker’s speech:

The agenda is “To Whom Money Belongs?” Money is for someone who can spend it. Now whether to provide his living or to help somebody else.

When this agenda asks “To Whom Money Belongs?” It means that having the money isn't important nor is it worth; it is actually worthwhile to know in what way we spend it, when and where we use the money and even to spend the money in our spiritual and material lives. Money belongs to someone who can pay the share of others that God has placed in his property. God puts others share in our money so we humans can acquire his traits by paying their share [it means that many people have a role in the money we earn]. So we can reach the Human’s Supreme Position which is  mentioned in the valleys [a book by Mr. Dezhakam: “14 valleys to reach Love”]; and those who pay this share by their own hands will get joy and happiness; and those who won’t do that, the world will take their money in various ways.

The Holy Quran reads: “Never think that you are the real owner of everything”. We’re just the interface between the Creator and creation and when it comes to giving, we have to give the best part of it. Before meeting Congress 60, I used to think that the money is for one who has a full bank account; but in Congress 60 I found a new thought. The thought came to me that money belongs to someone who can use it. I realized that there are people who are very rich but they cannot afford the needful things and essential necessities of life. This money doesn't belong to them at all. It stays and their heirs use it after their death and they won’t even remember the owner of money. Mr. Dezhakam has told us many times in his CDs that there are people who cannot use their money that they own; so only when we are the owner of the money that we can spend it and enjoy it and be happy and give that happiness and joy as a gift to others. When I can pay the share of others in Congress 60 and be a part of the Sardar's legion [a monetary legion which provides money for Congress 60’s expenses to treat addiction], actually we are sending an invitation to the helpless people who have lost their way. No one can help Congress 60 unless people who have felt the pain of addiction. Because people who are out of Congress 60 have no idea about addiction miseries. So many people don't feel good about helping these kind of people. So no one like me that has suffered from addiction, lost the way, and her life was much more horrible than any hell can't help people like me. If I remember, in the past, I was ready to give my whole life in order that my traveler does not use drugs, if I remember all of those nights; I know never could I pay the price of what I have got in Congress 60. No matter how much I serve and help, whatever I do comes back to me. So it is our duty to do financial services. We should know that this help is for people who are involved with addiction. We should know that the property or the land that we buy doesn't belong to a specific person. It is in the name of Congress 60 and it's a public endowment just like a masque.

And another point is that when I donate money, the problems of my life will be solved. I myself need this donation more than any other people [I am in need of donating money for the sake of my own joy and happiness]. Ever since I became a member of Sardar legion, whenever I thought about the money that I paid I saw how small it was compared to the thing that I gained. It was small but the pleasure was enormous.

Mr. Amin  Dezhakam mentions: if we only do physical services in Congress 60 instead of doing financial services, our job is not complete.

 We have to appreciate the opportunity that is given to us and we must pass on the training to keep Congress 60 alive and to expand it. We must know that it is our duty to give awareness and it's not a compulsion. There arrive those who must arrive.

Translated by companion Zahra   


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Topic : Weekly Workshop Topic
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