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Congress 60's Companion's Nicotine Treatment Virtual Legion (William L. White legion)

Congress 60's Companion's Nicotine Treatment Virtual  Legion (William L. White legion)

In Congress 60, the final decision rests with the individual.


The first session of Congress 60's companion's nicotine treatment legion (William L. White legion) at Salehi branch started virtually on Friday, October 1, 2020.


Contemplation is a mental and internal movement that leads to an external movement consequently. In fact, thinking means moving from an unknown point to a known point, but it can also mean moving from a known point to an unknown point. The structure also means a construction or anything that can be both small and large. Tooth Brushing, changing clothes or building a tower, are all structures of a subject.


The first great thought was done by the One Creator, after every thought, there is a force of inspiration and revival. When the human ego reaches the middle stage, it leaves the lower self and enters the middle self (the blaming self). At this stage, the positive and negative inspirations start to work. The human being must learn which one to use because the power of inspiration is very much, and inspiration is also present in objects, plants and animals.


If an individual is in a relationship with a person who is not in a suitable mode, s/he will be influenced. Even if they do not speak (or communicate) with each other, their contemplation and thinking will be influenced.
The revival force is derived from creation and life. Humans, all living things, and everything in the universe are constantly building themselves. The structure of anything is created bit by bit and can be made both well and badly, it can be both full of hope and full of despair and hopelessness. However, the goal must be clear and the thoughts and inspirations must be directed in a positive direction. 


Another point that should be considered is that the triangle of will, destiny, and divine command plays an important role in all stages of life. We should know that everything requires time, and in the material world, it is possible to use the theorem of time. Therefore, for solving each issue we should devote sufficient time and opportunity to it, we should not stray away and focus on the matters that are not related to us and we have to focus on our want. Also, we have to plan for the goal and use the advice of people who are experienced and talented in that field. However, the important thing is that for increasing self-esteem, the final decision is made by the individual.
To create any structure, four elements must exist: contemplation, inspiration, revival and movement. 
Signs of improper thinking include loss of everything including material and spiritual, lack of peace, a movement towards decline and increase of problems.
To do everything right, we need to have physical strength, learn the required skills, set goals and motivations, repeat and practice, and also consult with experts.
The characteristics of a practical plan are: to be precise, having no way backward, to be done gradually, and not to be drawn only based on will.

The existence of superior forces that are working automatically may lead human being to anti-values or piety and values. If it is towards anti-values, it brings them closer to the depths of darkness and if it is towards values it brings enlightenment with it. Basically, human being experiences darkness to realize the greatness of light.

Written by companion Soheila
Translated by Traveler Ehsan Abolhasani





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