Genuinely Serving People Means Constructing
11/4/2020 12:00:00 AM

Genuinely Serving People Means Constructing

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We should do something to be chosen by some services in congress60. It means that we must make sacrifices. By self-purification, we automatically do good deeds ​​and avoid anti-values.
Companion Farkhonda, the border-guard in companions’ group of Sheikhbahaei’s branch wrote: “Self-purification is the most important path in Congress60”.
When your goals are sacred and are based on sound thinking, the roles are revived with principled measures, appearance, and careful design. We all know that every position is sacred and everyone has a destiny in life and we know that Congress60 is a sacred and safe place that is like a lifeboat and if we rely on it, we will experience freedom. The educational package of Congress60 contains very rich resources and initiates a structure appropriate for human beings to put human values ​​into practice and go beyond the boundaries of words and speech. Creation is an ordered and disciplined system and is aware of people’s invisible attributes as well as their visible ones and appearance. It is a criterion for measuring their qualities. After making much effort, a guide-assistant leads pupils to the stage of change and transformation to be ready for the Day of Grace like ripe fruit and reach to the source of light through its particles to promote in this way and to be accepted in various positions such as Agent and border-guard. Since life starts with creating, these steps are opportunities for another beginning.
People who are candidates for these positions prepare the relevant forms and after preparation, it will be sent to Tehran (the central office) to review based on their resume and knowledge, and justice along with love and affection. They gain valuable and constructive lessons and experiences and use them in their lives and they make some changes, too.
The agent of Companions is selected under the supervision of Mr. Dezhakam and Mrs. Annie and observes the Companions’ affairs. She is responsible for monitoring the proper implementation of congress60’s laws by companions’ border-guards. The period of serving is 14 months for agents.
Border-guards’ election is held in the branch. They are the manager of their branch, and the performer of the principles, laws, and sanctity of Congress60 in their branches. They are also responsible for the educational and practical quality and they provide statistics and reports of the branch performance in all fields. Each of us is like a living book every sheet of which is engraved with special care at any given moment. Let's control time and not go back to the past.
The border guard enforces the boundaries, laws, and red lines of Congress60 and protects them. All members of Congress60, while on duty, experience important and beautiful events that show them the way. Sometimes they are judged, sometimes they are reprimanded, sometimes they are favored, and sometimes they are blamed all of which are beautiful and instructive together. Serving in the true sense means being built for promotion and ascent and we must know that the greatest sin is negligence. Let us not neglect and just try to find the righteous way. We reap what we plant, like growing a plant. Self-purification is the most important path in Congress60. We should do something to be chosen for serving in Congress60. It means that we must make sacrifices. By self-purification, we automatically do good deeds ​​and avoid anti-values.
People who are in positions such as Agent and Border-guard can help, learn, and gain experience and get ready for more serving. I congratulate my dear colleagues on this week and wish them great success. May God give more strength to them
Written by: Companion Farkhonda
Translated by: Companion Sahar
Edited by: Companion Marjan
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