What We Should Know about Our Travelers Is Included in the 14 Articles
10/5/2020 12:00:00 AM

What We Should Know about Our Travelers Is Included in the 14 Articles

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Most of the problems relating to addiction in our society have been unknown especially to families, psychologists, and specialists.

The 2nd session of the 43rd round of Laleh park educational workshops for male travelers and companions was administered on September 15, 2020, at 6:30 am. by companion Ali Asghar as the guest speaker, traveler Arash as the master of ceremony, and traveler Davood as the secretary with the agenda  “The book fourteen articles and its effects on me)

 The guest speaker’s speech:                                                              

 I'm grateful to God for being here in this friendly gathering, to learn. Attending Laleh park workshops is a big gift that only some of C60's members can benefit it. It has been years since I wanted to attend Laleh Park but I didn't have the energy and enough preparation but thank God I qualify to attend now. Today's agenda is the book 14 articles and its effects on me).

The books that have been written by Mr.Dezhakam are: crossing the zone 60 degrees below zero, including his own experience of addiction, the DTS method, performing it, and even his conversations with his masters. The second book is called the 14 valleys or love which was published in the form of a pamphlet before but now it has become a comprehensive book and not only is used by travelers and companions but it can be used by people with mental and physiological problems. The third book is Edmond and Helga which deals with the Creation and the inner world. The fourth book is the fourteen articles which is a collection of interviews and articles that Mr.Dezhakam has presented. In my opinion, mentioning this agenda gives us the message that we can attend Congress 60's university, too. God willing, with the formation of the university, this book will be one of its teaching sources.

The first four articles are for the new assistant-guides that should pass this training. Useful instructions about the addiction problem and the issues companions should know about their travelers have been taught in this book. Detoxification and poisoning, addiction, and its solution are of other subjects included in this book. Most of the problems relating to addiction in our society have been unknown especially to families, psychologists, and specialists. Most of the people in society are unaware of the addiction problem and they don't know which parts of the human are involved in addiction, then how do they want to find the cure for that? According to ancients (we still don't know whose head we are going to shave) and we don't even know what we should prescribe for curing addiction. Some advise herbs, some others prescribe pepper capsules, some give pills of amphetamine, some others quarantine the addict and unfortunately, the experts and the specialists want to cure the addiction with these methods.

My brother was a drug user and he was hospitalized in a camp for six months and we thought that he was cured but he relapsed into addiction because we weren’t familiar with the addiction problem. As a companion, I believe that someone who is addicted should not be blamed. We all have felt this and we have told them to have a strong will and find their selves but we don’t know that their quasi-opioid system has been disturbed, we are not acquainted with the addiction problem and that's why we say the problem of addicts is not the determination and weakness of the character, therefore, they shouldn't be blamed.

Their problem is derived from their quasi-opiod system. They should balance their body, psyche, and worldview to be cured. Even if they are more determined than us, they don't have the chance to get back to their noraml life because of the damages in their biochemical system.

Another issue of the 14 articles book which is interesting for me and it's important is the detoxification and poisoning issue.

 What is said in the scientific debates is that addicts have been poisoned by using drugs and this is a chronic poisoning, but Congress60 doesn’t believe in chronic poisoning and believes a chronic replacement has happened. It means that the narcotics have been replaced by the inside quasi-opiod system. Thank you so much for listening to me.

Prepared by: Traveler Mohammad

Translated by: Companion Zahra M

Edited by: Comanion Marjan



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Topic : Weekly Workshop Topic
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