To reach a blissful state, our traits must change.
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To reach a blissful state, our traits must change.

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I entered Congress 60 with a world of darkness and vices. I don’t say that I have won to desist from doing all my vices but I could abstain from doing 99% of them and I have a positive point of view. I was in darkness,but now I am cured in Congress60; I changed.

To reach a blissful state, our traits must change.

The seventh session of the 75th round of Congress 60 educational workshops for travelers and companions in Academy branch was held in 020/19/07 at 17:00 by Hamed Shams as the guest speaker, traveler Ahmad as the master of ceremony and traveler Masood as the secretory. The weekly agenda was: "The 11th valley and its effect on me" and also the 1st birthday of liberation of Mohsen was celebrated too.

The master's words:

As the friends know, Congress 60 Valleys and the book "14 Valleys for reaching self" -the name of the book is a sentence which includes a lot of concepts in itself- are the instructional bases in Congress60. These instructions are for me when I am going to exit from darkness and to enter light. In the introduction of Love book, Mr. Amin analogizes Valleys to the bridge which crosses upon the dark lands and deep vales and individuals can cross the deep vales without losing anything and without going down and coming up the vales repeatedly.

There are some important points in 11th valley that mentioned some characteristics for rivers and springs. The title of the 11th valley is: "All the roaring rivers and gushing springs will ultimately reach the sea and ocean". It means that if a spring is not gushing it is a pool or waterhole which is a place for different kinds of bacterium and algae; therefore it is useless.

This situation happens for a river too. If a river is not roaring, then it is not a real river. When I was addicted and to be in darkness, I was a human but because I did not have the necessary traits, I was unusable like a dribbling spring. I was human apparently but I could not do my works properly, I could keep neither the other people’s sanctity nor mine. I could not accept the responsibility for my works and my blames. Congress 60 says that if you want to be cured and to get liberated from addiction, those seas and oceans can be different things in different processes of your path. If you want to reach your convinced goal, you have to change a series of your traits.

Don’t I have to change after six months of my entry to Congress60? On the first day of my entry to Congress60, I did not know any instructions, Valleys, and the guide-assistant. It is not right that I remain stern and creditor as same as an addicted individual.

If these traits don’t change in me, I will not be cured. This holds true for the second and first journey too. If I enter the second journey and I act like my first journey, I am an individual who does not learn the 11th Valley. In the second journey, if I think why this service is given to another person and it is not given to me or I misinterpret everything, I do not experience the position in second journey and I will hurt myself. I believe that everyone's mood is the criterion for recognition of a blissful state, not his position, not his authority or not his shawl. But it is important to respect the positions and Mr.Dezhakam has taught this matter to us that even if a piece of wood has yellow shawl, we have to respect it. I say this matter for the benefit of Congress60 members. For example, I myself am in Congress60 for 14 years, what I have after 14 years is important rather than the years of being in Congress60. For example, after the years of journey cannot I sleep at night if an individual does not greet me? If it is so, it is not good. If an individual says wrong words to me or backbites me, am I disturbed or  I do not care such words? The important thing is the mood of individuals.

I hope all people keep healthy, happy and glad in this situation*. But all of us must believe that Congress 60 members scarcely hurt and will hurt by Mr. Dezhakam’s recommendations and using D. sap**.

The second part of today's session is about dear Mohsen. Every birthday has its delight for the guide-assistant, the pupils and the pupil's family, also every birthday has its special message. The message of Mohsen's birthday is that all works are done in Congress 60 and a newcomer must not do anything. Everything is based on principles. For example, the DST method knows what to do about ICE, heroine, and neurology medicines so we just do DST method, follow our guide-assistant, listen to Mr. Dezhakam and Mr. Amin's CDs and do the principles as they are and carry out them. In fact, everybody by using every kind of drug can be cured by the DST method. All of us know and feel completely that our being here, our gathering with our family and our enjoying of life are the proof for the authenticity of the DST method.

When Mohsen came to Congress 60, he wanted to leave here soon. For example, he thought that he would come to some sessions and would say that to give him OT and would leave here. The first day he said: "Is it possible that I don’t participate in classes and give me my medicine and I go?” I told him that it is not important if you don’t want to come, then not to come at all. We don’t have this kind of situation here. Mohsen had many difficulties and he wanted to tell me all of them in a few minutes. I told him:" be patient, all things will become well and don’t be anxious". After some sessions, he got familiar with Congress 60 and he could associate with Congress60. Now he is one of the active and energetic members and he does exercises. Thank God that he achieved more than what he thought. I hope that he will not weaken in his movement, in learning instructions and in doing service in Congress 60. I congratulate his family.  His wife toiled too. I also hope that he can serve in upper positions in Congress 60 and enjoys his life.

Declaring the journey by Mohsen:

Hello friends, I am Mohsen a traveler and I enter Congress 60 after 13 years of addiction. My last anti-xes were ICE and different kinds of neurological pills. I travelled for 11 months by DST method and OT. My guide-assistant is Mr. Hamed Shams. My liberation from addiction is 18 months and 16 days and also I am liberated from nicotine for 16 months


The desire of traveler:

I hope Congress 60 spreads all over the world and all individuals who are trapped in addiction and darkness find the way of Congress 60, to be liberated from addiction and feel this situation.

The words of traveler:

The agenda is 11th valley and as Mr. Hamed said, it seems this Valley tells about me because I entered Congress 60 with a world of darkness and vices. I don’t say that I have won to desist from doing all my vices but I could abstain from doing 99% of them and I have positive a point of view. When I was in darkness, I couldn’t communicate with anybody. Then after I was cured in Congress60, I changed and I could put myself in a positive situation.


*covide19 pandemic

** is a kind of vinegar which is made with apple and it is completed after one year

Translated by: companion Banafsheh




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Topic : Weekly Workshop Topic
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