Job, Education and Power
8/18/2020 12:00:00 AM

Job, Education and Power

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Two parameters make the psyche or mood: a) body or physiology, and b) worldview. Both body and worldview create the psyche. If we want to know the sides of this triangle (body, worldview and psyche), we have to have education; this education is attained in Congress 60.

The 12th  session of the 68th Congress60 virtual workshops for Academy branch of Congress60 was administered on July  30, 2020 at 9 a.m. by Mr. Dezhakam as the master of ceremony and companion Mansoure, as the secretary. The agenda was “Job, Education and Power”.

Hello friends, I am Hossein, a traveler. I am fine and hope you are keeping well. Congress 60’s vacation will start on 6 August and ends on 13. We are in force majeure situation due to Covid 19  and it is not a common period. It is an emergent situation where you cannot sit or be beside your family members or friends, because you may get sick. I hope God will remove this disaster and all other natural and non-natural disasters. [Thank God], we could keep everything in a normal situation in Congress 60.

In Congress 60, any trading between the members is forbidden, we could be in peace only if we have not commercial or monetary or trading relations. You are not allowed to lend money or give loans to Congress 60 members.  You are free to do everything once you are not a Congress 60 member; however, as you are considered as a member of Congress 60, you have to obey the Congress 60’ rules and regulations, even if you are using cyberspace, you have to obey Congress 60 rules. Congress 60 is a sacred place where we live in peace; therefore, all rules and regulations must be tightly observed.

Instagram is for some celebrities who are very famous. We are common and ordinary people who do not need followers. Don’t trust the messages from virtual media, some of which are fake. We are not celebrities, we are here to treat addiction and nothing else. Our worldview gives us attitude to see the way we follow, our worldview must give us the awareness to see the world, people, our family and the universe. Even our attitudes towards death, birth, and anything else come from our worldview. Outside Congress 60, they do not know what the “psyche” is or they are not able to give a vivid definition of psyche. Even for psychologists or doctors, it is  a vague concept. However, in Congress 60, we defined psyche as the mood someone has, for instance a person is very fretful, someone is psycho or someone is suffering from masochism or sadism, or a person is depressed or scrupulous or obsessive, while a person is calm. All of these traits come under the umbrella of “psyche”. We have mentioned that two parameters make the psyche or mood: a) body or physiology, b) worldview. Both body (physiology) and worldview create the psyche. If we want to know the sides of this triangle (body, worldview and psyche), we have to have education and knowledge, this education is attained in Congress 60.

We are acquiring the knowledge of treating addiction in Congress 60, we [members] are acquiring the DST method,  we are acquiring the worldview of how to treat addiction, we all know addiction and we all know how to treat it. Since Congress 60’s guides have been educated in Congress 60, they have power. This power is not something related to politics. The guides have the power, because they know how to treat addiction. In contrast to the common worldwide ideology that addiction is an unknown disease, we have firmly stated that addiction is an absolutely curable disease. We have over 23000 members whose addiction has been completely cured and they feel NO CRAVING. They can easily sleep in a warehouse of heroin or drugs, without being tempted to consume drugs or heroin.

I get surprised when scientist or physiologists claim that to treat addiction, craving must be cured! I asked them why addicts have craving after getting cold turkey. They said the natural narcotics in body. I explained that we have to either receive the narcotics from our own body [natural narcotics] or from outside. I asked them: “Can friends, family or parents  or love take the place of white blood cells in your body?” They retorted: “No”. The same holds true for addiction, nothing can take the place of narcotics, that is why the world is powerless and handcuffed in confronting addiction. Addicts around the world spend millions of dollars to treat their addiction but eventually they are not treated and they commit suicide. Here is the vantage point where we consider “EDUCATION”. To do everything, we require the  genuine knowledge. The genuine knowledge is the one which can cure the patients. We have acquired this genuine knowledge in Congress 60 and that is why we want to erect an Academy in which addiction treatment is carried out based on the physiology, biology, psychology, pathology, and chemistry. This academy will give even Ph. D degree to those who graduate from this Academy.

 We need money and for this we have to have expertise. Our status in society is determined by our job and education.       Our job and our education give us power and authority. This education must be real and genuine, it means that you have to make use of that expertise. For instance, if you have got  a Ph. D in agriculture, you have to know how to plant trees and how to protect them, not to damage the lands and garden.

We all have to have education and we all have to have a job. All the Congress 60’ s pupils, including first travelers using OT, must have a job and must earn money. Because the DST method is a very complete way of treatment, it does not require any rest time.

I hope we can reach such a knowledge that we can live peacefully and well together. Thank you for listening to me.

Translated by Elahe


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Topic : Weekly Workshop Topic
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