An Interview with Mr. Kourosh Azarpour, a Dideban [Watcher].
8/2/2020 12:00:00 AM

An Interview with Mr. Kourosh Azarpour, a Dideban [Watcher].

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To treat addiction, we must know which parts of body are destroyed. What has destroyed body is not a matter of importance. When a building is demolished, it is not important which devices have destroyed it, but the way you reconstruct it is important.


Mr. Kourosh Azarpour, a Congress 60’s Dideban (Watcher) entered Congress 60 using opium. He got liberated from addiction under the guidance of Mr. Dezhakam 16 years ago, he was also liberated from nicotine seven years ago. His sport is swimming now. Here is an interview with him, enjoy reading it.

Interviewer: Welcome to Caspian branch of Congress 60. Please let us know your responsibilities in Congress 60.

Mr. Kourosh Azarpour: Hello, I am the agent of Pakdasht branch of Congress 60 and I have a legion (a group of drug-abusers under his guidance and instructions to be liberated from addiction) in it.


Interviewer: How is that possible to keep this guide-pupil relationship with Mr. Dezhakam, though having been continuously with him within 17 years?

Mr. Kourosh Azarpour: Mr. Dezhakam is always my guide and the Master and if I know I  am still a pupil, I will find many masters.  Besides Mr. Dezhakam, I have other masters too and I give them gifts on Guide’s day. If I am a pupil, I will definitely find the Master. On the flip side, in Congress 60, everything is based on laws and one of these laws is that we have to keep this distance between a guide and a pupil [we have to observe our guide’s status and revere him].


Interviewer: How can be a Congress 60’s thesis [written by guides] published? How must be its content?

Mr. Kourosh Azarpour: I was among the first people who decided to write a thesis on addiction in Congress 60. Writing a thesis was easier in that time, now it is more difficult and it has got an academic format using research methodology, data collection and statistics. The Congress 60’s thesis must be written in the realm of addiction including “addiction and families”, “addiction and job”, “addiction and economy” and “addiction and diseases”. Outside Congress 60, writing a thesis might be easy but it is very hard in Congress 60. First of all, the person must have been a guide for four years and at least five guides have been raised in his legion. Then, he can select a supervisor  and his topic. Then he authors the thesis and sends the first draft  to be verified, that is why no volunteer has written a thesis in recent years.


Interviewer: Your thesis is entitled as “I am a traveler.” Are you satisfied with the path you have passed and the destination you are in?

Mr. Kourosh Azarpour: It might be surprising to you to know I have read my own thesis over 50 times. In the final pages of my thesis, I have written that “I have committed many errors in my life and I have selected many wrong ways in my life and I have carried out many things that I must not have done; however, I am very satisfied with my current status and position. The way [addiction] once I selected was wrong, but my purpose [to be liberated from addiction] and the position where I am now is satisfying; therefore, if I had to select a way again, I would select this way again and again.


Interviewer: When was the most influential and effective time of your life?

Mr. Kourosh Azarpour: It was not one time, I have had many times like this. Even now [after 17 years of being a guide], when I take a person to get liberated from addiction, my voice and hands shake, I have stress in that time, and this time is very joyful for me. I have many experiences like this and every week, I have one experience that I have not had before.


Interviewer: When is an excellent day for you?

Mr. Kourosh Azarpour: I am always in Congress 60 and if I do not come to Congress 60 one day, I do not feel well. An excellent day is when I can come to Congress 60 once a day.


Interviewer: There is a paradox about ICE, the world say it cannot be treated; however, Mr. Dezhakam asserts that the easiest drug to be treated is ICE! What is your opinion?

Mr. Kourosh Azarpour: Their viewpoint is wrong, because as Mr. Dezkam mentions: the world has not yet reached the knowledge for treating addiction. To treat addiction, we must know which parts of body are destroyed. What has destroyed body is not a matter of importance. When a building is demolished, it is not important which devices have destroyed it, but the way you rebuild it is the same. If you demolish a building by explosion, you cannot erect it by explosion again. The same holds true for addiction, it must take place gradually through the DST [Dezhakam Step Time] method. Those who believe that ice addiction has not treatment made a mistake because they may think since ICE lacks morphine (and it is made up of amphetamine), as a result a different method of treatment is required. It is totally wrong! All the drugs including ice, opium, heroin methadone, and hashish demolish one part of body (The X-system). The X-system is reconstructed via DST method of Congress 60 and it is not important how it has been destroyed.

Interviewer: You have been once the agent of Caspian branch of Congress 60 and have not been in Caspian branch of Congress 60 for two years. How did you notice the changes in this branch after two years?

Mr. Kourosh Azarpour: When branch members are well educated, they act well and they continue their work well. I think when I act as an agent, as I leave that branch, the next agent must work better than me, if I have carried out my own job well and completely. The Caspian branch has been better and better after my leaving. Its agent works better than me; and reconstruction, development and applying the rules are progressive.

Interviewer: And your last word?

It is my prayer for myself and all the members: May all of us not be separated from Congress 60. I mean I want to be with Congress 60 everywhere and use the Congress 60’s instructions. Treating addiction is only five percent of the job carried out in Congress 60! 95 percent of the job is to correct our hidden sides [to correct and improve ourselves].

Translated by Elahe


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