My today’s peace is due to training of Congress60
5/20/2020 12:00:00 AM

My today’s peace is due to training of Congress60

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If a consumer stops consuming drugs, without changing his worldview, he will definitely suffer from mental disorders and he has a bad feeling.


My today’s peace is due to training of Congress60


How beautiful elders said that the way of heaven crosses hell. Yes, we experienced the addiction and felt hell and we never imagined that one day we get be liberated from addiction. I am grateful to God for revealing Congress60 on the way of my life to touch more beauties every day. I cannot talk about my feelings, my today’s peace is due to training of Congress60, because I became able to know and realise myself and my surroundings with the help of my worldview.

Worldview shows the way and the method of dealing with human’s reaction and position in the world. In fact, it gives meaning to human’s life and keeps them away from disappointment. Each person asks some questions based on the type of worldview and attitude they hold about them. For example they might ask: “what is the purpose of my creation? Where did I come from? Why did I come?” Learning worldview and moving in the right and constructive way paves the way for human growth.

Our position is the result of our actions and behavior. Our wisdom is related to our worldview. Most people have been addicted for many years and no cure was found before Congress60. Many specialists are still unable to treat it. They says that addiction is incurable. Why do they claim so? Because of lack of knowledge about the nature of human being and their hidden forms. Another reason is ignoring time and training the worldview to the consumer.

Mr. Dezhakam discovered the definite and decisive way of curing addiction using the gradual method and formation of the triangle of addiction treatment and this is a miracle, because the consumer has been injured on three sides: body, psyche and worldview and the person has to get back in time and start the movement step by step. In this case, their physiology will be healed and their knowledge will increase. Healing physiology and worldview are important factors. In order to have a balanced psyche; the body and the worldview must move in the same direction. A consumer merely thinks about drugs. If a consumer doesn’t change his opinion and doesn’t work on the worldview and the use of medicine, he won’t be healed. Congress60 believes that a consumer creates fear, anxiety and disappointment for those around him and he is not going to change the situation, because he sees the world from a small window [of addiction]. He thinks no world is more beautiful than addiction. He never recognize friends and foes and he thinks everyone is guilty except himself so he consumes drugs again. They must become wise by training to know the world around themselves and change their behavior. Mr. Amin Dezhakam talked about this in a simple and understandable way for everyone in the first and second worldview booklets. First, a consumer must be physically balanced in order to understand the true meaning of worldview, then the body will be relaxed by consuming Opium Tincture and DST method. If a consumer stops consuming drugs, without changing his worldview, he will definitely suffer from mental disorders and he has a bad feeling.

Worldview changes our opinion about us and the world. It affects our hidden feelings and forms. Negative thoughts have a devastating effect on our psyche and body and it makes the life difficult for us. Congress60’s Training, CDs, books and booklets about worldview help us and they teach us the way of living to have a tendency to goodness and beauty and to make positive changes inside ourselves.

Worldview means something that we realize from the inside and outside world. It helps us to know ourselves and our situation in the world to continue the journey of life. We can know our soul and its desires. We can learn which demands are reasonable and which are unreasonable. In this way, our feeling will be changed. We can know and solve every problem that we had many years and this knowledge is possible when our knowledge increases.

Written by: Companion Nosrat

Translated by: Companion Sahar


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Cool. Thanks
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