Inspiration from Ramadan, Why is Ramadan Celebrated in Congress?
5/10/2020 12:00:00 AM

Inspiration from Ramadan, Why is Ramadan Celebrated in Congress?

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In Ramadan, I realized that I had to regulate my drug-consumption as Ramadan brought order and discipline to my life, that is why Ramadan is celebrated in Congress60. Ramadan showed me the way how to get liberated from addiction.

The first session of the 68th Congress60 virtual workshops for Academy branch of Congress60 was administered on April  15th, 2020 at 9 a.m. by Mr. Dezhakam as the master of ceremony and traveler Mehdi, as the secretary. The agenda was “inspiration from Ramadan”.


Hello friends, I am Hossein, a traveler. I am thankful to Mr. Mehdi, the secretary who provided a full report of the previous session. Today is April  15th, 2020 and it is nine o’clock in the morning. The coronavirus status is unclear; however, our living condition which has been disrupted within two months as a result of Coronavirus pandemic has returned to normal situation.

I hope you are fine and I am keeping well too. All members of Congress60 are fine and we have not any report of their disease (because of coronavirus), just for some first travelers, who have recovered from corona virus and they have been fully treated via the strategies provided by Congress60. We even had some patients who have been badly attacked by the virus and their lungs had 90 percent of infection, they recovered through vapourising D-Sap (as they were required to pour a half a glass D-sap –substance like apple vinegar produced by Mr. Dezhakam-  into water vape and inhale the vapour). They are now fully recovered from Coronavirus and D-sap is known as a cure for it.

This week’s agenda is “inspiration from Ramadan”. I did not fast for about twenty years because I was a drug abuser. However in 1996, I started to fast in the final ten days of Ramadan. I divided the amount of opium I wanted to consume every day; therefore, I divided my opium into five pieces and every five hours I ate my piece of opium. I divided the required opium to five and although I was on fast, I ate my dose of opium.

I saw the effect of this orderly drug consumption in my life. I did not want to cut my addiction (or drug-consumption). Ramadan helped me to discipline my consumption. And after a while, I said to myself: “I want not to eat one of the meals of drug (opium), and gradually I stopped eating the other four meals a day”. I did it and I learned from Ramadan how to control my drug, it taught me discipline, it taught me not to say bad things.

Over 60 percent of earth population are suffering from constipation, insomnia and obesity. In the past, people did not eat three times a day, they only ate when they had something to eat. But now, the hospitals are full of people suffering from heart diseases and many other diseases which are all coming from obesity. In last year Ramadan, as I fasted, I had a weight loss of four kilos and my swollen (fatty) belly got thinner. I found out that this fasting has disciplined my weight loss process.  

We have to learn how to eat in Ramadan, Ramadan is an opportunity to restore our health. You can see those people who fast in Ramadan have a long life-span and they live 70, 80, or 90 years. And those who do not fast have lots of diseases including cardiovascular diseases.

In the past, I thought that fasting or prayers are carried out for the sake of God; however, nowadays, I have found out that fasting and prayers have positive effects on the person themselves. Fasting and prayers regulate the body system. In Ramadan, I realized that I had to regulate my drug-consumption as Ramadan brought order and discipline to my life, that is why Ramadan is celebrated in Congress60. Ramadan showed me the way how to get liberated from addiction. In the last step of my addiction treatment, I came to a point that I consumed only one thirtieth of gram of opium a day; and after 21 days, as I stopped eating this small amount of opium, I had no symptoms of cold turkey, nor any pain in my body. It means that when you climb a ladder step by step to reach the top, you have to get back the same, you have to come down step by step. When a person is addicted by gradually consuming drugs, they must get liberated from them step by step and gradually. This experience was bestowed upon me in Ramadan by fasting. I had not fasted for 20 years until  1996, and I saw its consequences. However, as I started fasting, I figured out its benefits, I lost much weight and the poisons of blood got out of the body so that the body experienced a healthy situation. Ramadan taught us with a gradual and accurate programme for everything, we can reach our aims. In the current week also we had 145 travelers who officially got liberated from addiction and entered their second journey.


When we say a person is treated, it means that they can sleep in the warehouse of drugs or opium and heroin. In addition to treating their body system with the DST method, it is required for those who want to be liberated from addiction to change their thinking style and worldview. Some people think that the success of Congress60 is due to its recovery procedures; however, it is not true!  Congress60’s method of treating addiction is successful and unique only because the way we selected to treat addiction is based on a completely scientific method. Treatment in Congress60 means that after liberation from addiction, the person must be vigorous and energetic and his sleep must be orderly and the person must not have any symptoms of depression, it means that after liberation from addition, the person must be completely healthy and strong.

 Thank you for listening to me.

Translated by Elahe


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Topic : Weekly Workshop Topic
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