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4/15/2020 12:00:00 AM

The News of the X Legion

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Since coronavirus resides in the throat for four days, we destroy the virus by continuously drinking D-sap. Then, those who had been contaminated by the coronavirus were told to drink a spoonful of D-sap every six hours, use vape and inhale the D-sap liquid. Now, the patients are fully recovered.

Ms. Mona's Words
As we talked in the last section, all happenings occur because of ignorance and undiscovered knowledge. If that knowledge is discovered, all diseases will be cured easily and the solutions will appear.
For example, what is the cause of epilepsy? Nobody has answered yet. There were some findings recently; they doubtfully say that when the amount of a substance is low in the body, MS will appear but they don’t find the answer. There is the same problem with filler injection which is used to remove facial wrinkles. I know a woman who had done it and she was very happy that her face became nice and her eyebrows were lifted and she became photogenic! Once we met each other, she felt a spasm suddenly at one point in her face and that point became red, then a line appeared there. She said it had happened for her the week before. I asked the reason and she answered that her physician had said it was normal!
I also know a physician who was educated in the Netherlands. Although Master Dezhakam talked a lot about the dangers and disadvantages of lipomatic operation, she did it a few months ago and the wounds do not heal. In this operation they open the abdomen and remove the excess fat. The abdomen has several layers and if they cut too much, the tissue damages will not be cured easily. She wanted to be more beautiful and slim but now she has to inject various vitamins and can't live with so many wounds. She had serious infection just after the operation and still, she needs to change the bandages and pay many costs.
Some people want to remove wrinkles on their faces by filler injection, but it causes many problems even in the best physicians' office. They only talk about one or two advantages and their good feelings about that action. Just like a person who cuts the addiction by free fall and feels fine in the first days because the biochemical narcotics still exist in his body or he has the joy of stopping drug consumption. He thinks that he has got rid of addiction. He feels healthy and happy but after a few days, aftereffects come to him and he is unbalanced.
Beauty operations are the same at the beginning. The physicians say that you will lose your weight, your blood sugar will go down, you will lose 50 kg, etc. These words are very important for some people because they were overweight for many years and had high blood fat and sugar and had to take tabs to live. So they think if they do these operations, their problems will be resolved. But do the physicians say the disadvantages of these methods? Do they say that after the operation, you will not be able to eat solid foods easily or bite a fried chicken thigh or a slice of pizza?
Two of our beautiful and wealthy relatives had done lipomatic operation many years ago when these methods had just become common. But since then, they are still sick and occasionally have internal infections. They have immigrated to Canada, and have visited the best physicians but they still need to go to the hospital sometimes because of various infections in the stomach, kidney and so on.
Thus, we come to this point again that all humans’ suffering is related to undiscovered knowledge, ignorance, and materialism. As we know, the existence of the problems in our life is good for our growth and progress, so we have to raise our grades and grow by solving them.
Many diseases and problems are not God's curse, and we should not say that they came to us because we of our previous faults or mistakes. If you have such an opinion, you will be depressed and disappointed and you may lose your faith.
My attitude toward the problems is very important that determines what lessons I can learn from them. In the first stage, I must know that my body is like clothing and it is necessary for living in this world. So I need to take care of it to live normally. When my body is healthy, as is connected to my invisible attributes, it causes its development. Therefore, all of these are good for us to ameliorate and learn many lessons.
Each of you, who had the problems, found out that what issues became clear and what lessons you have learned even from conflicts with others or mental problems. When someone insulted me, I realized the value of the one who respects me. When someone lied to me, I understood how good an honest person is.
I suffered insomnia for many years and realized the value of easy sleeping. I was not able to eat and now I know how enjoyable eating healthy food is. All of these are related to “opposites” that we have learned in 14 valleys. In darkness, pain, difficulty, insult, and suffering which are placed in our way of life by God, we can recognize their opposites which are health, happiness, friendship, love, and forgiveness. In my opinion, the important point of difficulties is that we understand and feel beauties.
Some recommendations for bedtime:
Be sure to brush your teeth, never sleep with mascara on your eyelashes, clean your face with rosewater that is relaxing and makes you sleep well. Wear a comfortable dress before going to bed, never sleep with the clothes you wore during the day. After doing these jobs and wearing a suitable dress, you are ready for meditation, sit in your bed on all fours (it is better to be facing the Qibla) stick the thumb and middle finger together and put them on your knees. Close your eyes and free your mind and let your thoughts come and go, stay in this position for ten minutes then lay down to sleep. You will experience deep and excellent sleep.
Those who bought cream, can use it after cleaning their face with rosewater then do meditation, after that remove extra fat from their face by a tissue or cotton pad and sleep.
Before eating a fruit, smell it. It gives you a lot of energy. I don’t know if you have tried it or not, our grandparents recommended it and I have done it several times and it works. I feel calm so that fruit is eaten with more pleasure and its minerals and vitamins will be better absorbed in our body.
Some people enjoy nature by smelling the flowers in parks and feeling relaxed. That’s why we recommend walking for 30 minutes every morning and enjoying nature. In the mornings there is more oxygen in the air especially if they walk in parks it will be wonderful and it is like doping, meaning it works two or three times more than drugs.
In the mornings, first drink the and after 30 minutes take your tincture but don’t sleep, try to pray and go out for walking for half an hour. Get fresh air from nature, buy a loaf of bread and come back home and eat your breakfast. Then begin your routines, prepare dinner or write a CD and see how enjoyable a day can start.

Prepared by companion Guita

Translated by: companion Zahra
Edited by: Companion Marjan


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