10 important points from the CD of
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10 important points from the CD of "Supplement"

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We have nothing static in the universe system. For example, an embryo develops and changes over a series of stages during nine months and [these alternations take place over time], then, it transforms into an infant and eventually the infant is born (released).

10 important points of the CD "Supplements"


First of all, I should say that supplement means complement. 10 important points from the CD of "Supplement":


1- In this CD, alternation is mostly discussed. Alternation, transformation and clearance [release], if we consider a triangle, each is one of the sides of this triangle. All the existence is based on these three parameters. These three steps are the most important, fundamental and decisive point for the implementation of the law "in the end, the first command is carried out" that not only has a (significant) role in the structure of the physical aspects of the universe like waves, gases, liquids, but also in the hidden aspects of human like the intellect, mind, speech, behavior and deed of the human being. [it means if we are seeking any change in our status (of life), we should undergo these three factors respectively: we have to alter, we have to transform, and then we will reach the destination].

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2- From this educational Cd, I figured out that everything is changing and nothing is constant. If we look at the tenth valley reading: “human being past attributes do not remain the same because he is constantly changing". We have nothing static in the universe system. For example, an embryo develops and changes over a series of stages during nine months and [these alternations take place over time], then, it transforms into an infant and when the transformation is complete then the procedure of release takes place [and the infant is born].

3- Mr. Dezhakam (the designer and the Base of Congress60) says: "we know very little about the universe of creation. This physical universe is composed of four percent of matter [Atom and Electron] and we do not know what the rest of the world is made up of. In the Big Bang Theory, the world was millions of millions of times smaller than a needle head. Then, that point exploded and this universe came out of it as thousands of walnuts come out of a walnut tree. Have they all been in this walnut tree? Absolutely not. They are created from (the energy of) the sun, the water and the soil- all together. All the patterns of the nature are the same and most are spherical like the sun, moon and variety of fruits [which are circular and a nucleus is embedded in their centre and some planets or electrons orbit around the nucleus]

4- We see that everything is always in motion and changing. For example, trees are green only in one season and they have not green leaves in other seasons. In an instant, you see a tornado. Before human being came into the physical world, there were giant animals on the earth and they prepared the earth for human to live on.

5- We could never know the hidden part of the human, so we could not treat most diseases. Human (existence) is a law and the law of alternation, transformation and release flows in the life of all human beings. These alternations may be in the positive direction or the negative one and nothing is stagnant.

6- The most important point is transformation and it is not possible without any alterations. Alteration is definitely necessary and it must be done in behavior not in the words (human must begin to march toward alternation and this alternation must be done in thoughts, speech and behavior). For instance, if we perform all the religious customs related to Islam (such as praying to God and fasting) but do not obey the rules, for example, if I tell lies, or give or take a bribe, but I stand in the first line of prayer (in mosque), it means that no alternation has taken place in me and then there will be no transformation.

7- We cannot be stagnant in our life and we must move. Transformation is not easy and it may take many years for us to become a righteous person. The only way to clear a dirty water is filtration and purification- it takes a long time. There must be changes in physiology and thoughts (worldview).

8- Everything is always changing. Human has no death and they are always alive. Human never dies and only transforms from one form to another. We are all information cells of the world. All of us are parts of the Archive. In the universe, everything changes and there is no annihilation.

9- When water that is soft turns into a vortex, its speed and power are unexplainable and has a terrifying speed and everything can be like this. A human being can be powerful in knowledge. Humans are gentle and calm but sometimes they become like a volcano with others' wrong behavior. Sometimes we destroy ourselves or others. Everything wants to find its own complement. We sometimes say that men are more important or women? Both are incomplete without each other and none of them are perfect lonely and they are all one side of a coin. A man and a woman complete each other.

10-Sometimes everybody may be looking for their complementary part. A teacher is looking for their own complement and a student is as well. Generally speaking, all humans seek their own complementary partner for their completion and survival. Greed is a bad thing. For instance, a person who has worked for many years and owns a house and has everything in his life, and he still works, he is tight-fisted. Everything has a goal in the world and every being that has consciousness has a purpose and seeks it to find it. We go through three dimensions in this world. The first dimension is in the childhood, the second one is in the youth and the third one is in the middle age and the second adulthood and the fourth one is related to the time after death. But as long as we are in this world, we must provide something for our fourth dimension (do good deeds for the hereafter).

Written by Companion Zoleykha, the third legion

Translated by Companion Marzie  Bisjerdi  Shadabad branch of Congress60

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