Master Dezhakam's Words in the Physicians' Legion, February 17
4/2/2020 12:00:00 AM

Master Dezhakam's Words in the Physicians' Legion, February 17

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Occlusive colitis, Crohn's diseases were not experienced in Iran about thirty years ago because of rich nutrition we had.

Master Dezhakam’s words:

We must carry out intellect’s command as the commander in chief.

Talking about intellect’s command is not about mastering in mysticisms. It’s actively about normal responsibilities. Intellect’s command could be taught to individuals about not overeating, not using drugs, not smoking cigarettes, doing home garbage, but taking shower daily, and things like that. 


All in all, the intellect’s command is light like the sun and individuals are like houses, in which this light could penetrate houses. All human beings have their share of it. Therefore, even a drug abuser has his/her portion of this light. 

Intellect’s command targets the best choice and is always correct. It’s us who obey this rule or not. Over 20 years, Congress 60 has asserted that there is no difference among people's wisdom but they differ in received information to the commander in chief, which is wisdom and is like a leader. It makes decisions based on true or false information. However, there is a point of view in which NA members believe that addicts do not derive benefit from the intellect’s command.

We want to say that all human beings including addicts have intellect, and if they make a mistake, it is their fault and is because of false received information not anything else. However, some of them talk about not having proper intellect whenever a mistake happens. 

And D.SAP that is considered a constipation remedy in Congress 60: Constipation issue is developing as a unique menace in addiction treatment due to its resistance through other remedies. The body’s response to them could be very counter-productive.

Addiction treatment ways generally use medicines like methadone, opium, opium tincture (OT), etc. All-cause constipation in the patients’ intestine that became a chronic disease. This problem has led us to utilize all available solutions such as mashed red flower leaf, Kashan damask rose, or Tabriz damask rose, but none worked out.

D.SAP solved the problem of Congress 60’s patients who are vulnerable and incapacitated with this disease. About %90 to %95 of the problem is solved in Congress 60 by using the new method. D.SAP is not vinegar and is not wine, but a novel product. 

The production process has made it unique. Using a long-term process for about 12 months in a cold area and under a specific temperature without any additive in it like water or chemical substances are some conditions for making it.

D.SAP’s origin is apple vinegar that is an ancient antibiotic and antivirus and had medical use by 500 years B.C.

Poor nutrition habits cause 68% of total deaths all over the world. The human body needs each one of the Mendeleev's elements, food minerals, and fibers. You can’t find each of the newly-built foods decent these days. As long as the food industry tends to peal the wheat to produce flour in which vitamins and bran are thrown away, what's remaining is starch and additive elements that cause constipation and many other intestine diseases. In other words, they remove some appropriate parts and leave the rest that is harmful to the body.

Ulcerative colitis and Crohn's diseases were not experienced in Iran about thirty years ago because of rich nutrition we had. 

Dr. Moghari was a student in Austria. He came across too many identical cases in Germany and Austria who suffer from ulcerative colitis. When he asked about the main cause of this viral disease, freezers were the main cause of the problem. Austrian had told him, you have not had freezers in Iran, whenever you have one, you will end up the same diseases.

Therefore, freezers are the enemy of food digestion. We store vegetables, meats for about six months in them, so when they are rotten, we want to use them out.

As far as we store food in freezers and live lazily, this will start up a vicious circle with plenty of diseases.

Potassium in the body, which should be existed in nutrition, attaches muscle and meat to the bones. D.SAP is one of the sources of this mineral that settled in many patients in Congress 60 who suffered from waist discs but were using D.SAP constantly.


This product has cured and solved many other diseases such as fatty liver, varicose veins, or to cure vaginal candidiasis by sitting in a tub full of water and a half glass of D.SAP in it for about four or five times because of its antibiotics and acetic acid.

Dr. Moghari mentioned that during surgery in the operating room, we have to clean the internal organs using acetic acid in some critical cases. On the other hand, D.SAP origin is acetic acid, which is a disinfectant.

Amnesia is another common disease among people even 60 years old, who are too young for this problem these days. One of the causes is the lack of potassium, which could be found in D.SAP.

Osteoporosis, anemia, and many other diseases appear because of the lack of phosphorus, calcium, vitamin D, and iron deficiency. Fortunately, D.SAP supports all the elements which are not available in newly-built nutrition these days.

Translated By: Amirhossein

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