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If bribery and other bad traits are supposed to be eliminated from society, they must first be eliminated from me as one of the constituents of society.

Hi friends, I'm Aysa a companion. l want to speak about some solutions to eliminate corruption from our society.

As you know there are many problems in our community and we should solve them, but we have to note that some of these problems are personal traits and everyone has to solve it on their own. If l am not able to solve those problems on my own, they won't certainly be solved in society because the society is made up of individuals. It's very ridiculous if we say we have to build a society in general, but the society's members do not change at all.

One of the traits of a person who hurts society is bribery which is done to circumvent the law and not to enforce the law.

People want to get paid as soon as possible to get their wishes done as the legal process is long, costly, or time-consuming. On the other hand, the person who takes a bribe wants to receive more money. Thus, we can understand that there are two other traits in humans making them do this wrong job. One of them is greed and the second one is getting our wishes quickly and cheaply. As far as we as the constituents of the society have these two characteristics, bribery is common in society and its result is circumventing the law, lawlessness, and chaos in society. This means that society will not grow unless people in the community correct their bad traits. Therefore, if l want to eliminate corruption within myself, at first l should eliminate greed, avarice and breaking the rules. I can't say that bribery is bad while I do it myself. Moreover, I can't expect others not to do wrong but I do things like lying, judging, joking, stealing and other bad traits.

If bribery and other bad traits are supposed to be eliminated from society, they must first be eliminated from me as one of the constituents of society. As you know it's simpler and easier to speak rather than to act, but it's certainly doable. Some community members have proven that they could eliminate bad traits, first from themselves, then from their families and at last from society.

Bribery violates law and justice, and harms others. Thus, if I don't want harm and injustice, I shouldn't cause injustice and harm in the community.

Having a realistic look at one's inner trait, avoiding unfair criticism against others, and focusing on resolving personal problems are the basis of a disciplined and quiet society which has been founded according to peace and kindness.

Selfishness, greed, fear, and frustration are inappropriate and bad feelings that make my attitude towards the surroundings inappropriate, violent and dark.

Bribery in all human societies has been remembered as an obscene act and global wisdom has rejected it, too.

Now it is remarkable that we can make a change in society by eliminating bad traits.

As I said before, in my opinion, a bad trait includes some traits in it. It means that bribery is the result of greed, selfishness and desire to quickly achieving the wishes and injustice. Therefore, to eliminate the corruption from society, l should do a lot of things, meaning bribe won't be resolved until bad traits are eliminated from my character.

Here the rule of slogans, advice, criticism, and expectation of others is utterly worthless and the overall result is that we can't solve or eliminate one problem without considering other underlying problems. For example, stealing and embezzlement can't be solved in the community unless fear and disappointment are resolved, or ethnic conflicts are not resolved unless arrogance and prejudice are resolved within individuals.

Now imagine a society whose people began to build it by omitting their bad and negative traits within themselves.

Are there any other signs of bad traits in society? Or does anyone do anything bad? Or do we need to chant and propagate against bad human traits?  You certainly answer " No" because a society whose members are purified doesn't have any negative traits, too.

All in all, a good or bad society is determined by its members and their characteristics.

Thank you for listening to me.

Written and Translated by: Comanion Aisa 

Edited by: Companion Marjan


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Topic : Articles
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