My Cognition of the CD
3/11/2020 12:00:00 AM

My Cognition of the CD "Fear"

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Mr. Amin discusses that there are two kinds of fears. The protective fear and obstructive fear. The fears that are called before are related to obstructive fears. An example of protective fear is the fear of dying.

My cognition of  the CD "fear"

My life can be divided into two parts. One part is before listening, writing, summarizing and addressing a conference on "the fear" CD and the second part is after listening to this CD. My biggest fear in life was the financial issues and my mental business was just how to strengthen my financial basis. As Mr. Amin said, all of us have experienced fear in our lives. My biggest fear that many people have it, is losing the individuals in my life. If we look at our lives, we will notice how the fear of losing our favorite individuals in our lives made us get away from our wishes. Because of this fear, I myself have lost many financial and social opportunities so far. If we compare the lives of successful people with that of unsuccessful people, we will notice how this fear has hampered the success of humans' lives. For retaining our favorite individuals in our lives, we dismiss our desires; so this subject creates anger in us. The origin of this anger is our dismissed desires, or the fear of failure makes us not approach the thing that we like but it seems a little difficult to do. If the fear hasn’t been there, we would achieve all of our intended aims.

Mr. Amin discusses that there are two kinds of fears. The protective fear and obstructive fear. The fears that are called before are related to obstructive fears. An example of protective fear is the fear of dying. The obstructive fears have a major role in deterrence and destruction of humans and indignation is accompanying it. This indignation is because of our demand to do something but we cannot do it. The fear of losing my husband had created so many bad feelings in me. I was always afraid of anybody else who came and stole my husband's heart and I became alone in this world. Mr. Amin's CD made my inner powers wake up and be shown to me. This CD reminded me that I am not an illiterate, alone and helpless individual who cannot solve the problems of life. I thought if my husband left me, I would fail and I must return to my father's home. I have many potentials and I understood that my fear is absolutely unreal and delusive. After listening to the CD, I could progress more powerfully in both my work and my life. As Mr. Amin says that having the potentials of doing work and dominating these potentials are two different subjects; besides, how to change the faculty to factuality is very important. Listening and doing the propounded points in the CD helped me to control my powers more. I understand that I must not know any partner for God. When we know a partner for God, Satan steals some of our powers. I noticed for controlling my powers, I have to start from small things. I have to be faithful about what I make a covenant with myself. For example, if I promise myself to study one hour a day, I do it; or if I promise myself to decrease one spoon of meal daily, I do that. I will be stronger by doing these small things. It was very interesting that I noticed when I promise myself to fulfill work, my mind gives some orders which help me to complete it. For example, when I want to decrease one spoon of my meal, an inner voice says to me: "Don’t eat anymore."; or if I want not to study, that inner voice says to me: "Study, fulfill your promise". If we don’t listen to the inner voice, it will keep silence but if we listen to them, they will be stronger and help us to reach our aims. I understood that if an idea comes to my mind, I can surely do it and if I didn’t have that ability, that idea would not come to my mind. If the idea of earning double comes to my mind, there is surely this ability in me, so it inspires me by positive powers. The next step is the ideas that help me earn double. What are the ideas? The next one is to take those ideas into action and wait patiently for my desired results. Then I see that my desired results appear but slowly and step by step. It means that my success is the result of controlling my powers and fulfilling the inspirations which have come to my mind.

 We read in the Holy Quran and Mr. Hosein Dezhakam recites that “And inspired it with its wickedness and its righteousness.” (Surah Al-Shams: 8). It means that humans can be inspired by both wickedness and righteouness but they choose between them. Consequently, if we plan for success or unsuccess, we will spiritually receive help based on our plan. I know that I was planning to fail and to fear more and more when I adhered to my fears. My fears were unreal and delusive. I hope one day to regain our selves from the lower self and reach to the true self.

Written by: Companion Maryam

Translated by: Companion Banafsheh

Edited by: Companion Marjan


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