OT is the Greatest Miracle of the Present Century
3/1/2020 12:00:00 AM

OT is the Greatest Miracle of the Present Century

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Liberation from addiction via the DST Method demonstrates Congress60’s dignity and power. It can be definitely claimed that no drug is more complete and perfect than Opium Tincture for treating addiction

OT is the Greatest Miracle of the Present Century


OT is an acronym for OPIUM TINCTURE syrup. In the early establishment of Congress60, the travelers traveled (were treated) with Opium and they had to divide the amount of opium that their guide prescribed into equal portions and smoked them to taper their steps (consuming).

Certainly, dividing opium into equal portions was practically very difficult especially in the final steps of the travel because the pieces were getting smaller or bigger than the amount they should be and there were a lot of problems like withdrawal symptoms or the pieces of opium were lost (due to their small size), or the pieces were crushed in the process of dividing opium, sometimes those who traveled with smoking opium could not find a place to smoke their dosage.


Another problem was that the drug dealers added harmful substances to opium to get more weight for having extra income and every time the  travelers wanted to take opium, they did not know whether it was pure (with the same amount of morphine) or not?


Communication with the drug dealers as the negative forces was one of the major problems of the travelers because when drug-dealers became aware of Congress60 members’ traveling (treatment) or if the drug-dealers realised that they have sold less opium [than what was required] to the Congress60 members the next time, the dealers constantly tried to disappoint them with their treatment process.

In addition, drug trafficking and consuming drug still were  crime during those years, and required judicial decisions, so the travelers had many difficulties to be liberated from addiction.


With the discovery and production of Opium Tincture syrup (OT), the travelers had none of the above-mentioned problems and more importantly, having 20 percent of the alcohol in OT syrup is very helpful in cleaning vessels and veins walls, furthermore, the amount of opium consumed is fixed and balanced from the beginning to the end of the travel and 1cc OT consists of 10 percent opium. This stability has the lowest withdrawal symptoms during 10-11 months of travelling.


At the present time, a traveler goes to the clinic to receive their treatment medicine (OT) with their letter (of OT prescription paper) with tidy appearance and without any worries. It shows the training of Congress60 which is order, discipline and respect and generally speaking, and the power and dignity of Congress60 is demonstrated.



We can say for sure that OT syrup is the greatest miracle of the present century, because since the distant centuries till now, there has been no drug that is more complete and perfect than Opium Tincture for treating addiction. OT has the best and highest efficiency in the treatment of all types of the drugs and alcohol and as Mr. Dezhakam (the designer and the Base of Congress60) says: "OT is also much more effective than chemical pills in the treatment of other physical diseases and even mental illnesses because the most important factor in treatment is that the therapist should be able to take back any medicines that is prescribed to the patient after taking the required time (of treatment) and after that, the disease should not be recurred but it is impossible because even if the pills are taken, the disease is not cured in other medical disciplines."


With the extensive preparations and thoughts of Congress60 and especially the excellent vision of Mr. Dezhakam, the theory of X (treatment) is performed in the form of Legions (a group of members gather up to receive trainings) of (up to) twenty pupils (the legion members) and a guide-assistant [who already has passed duration of treatment in the same way]. The pupils receive trainings from their guide-assistant and they are treated in a previously piloted process called DST method and a 10-11 months treatment protocol and this great job is done well.


On the other hand, pure thinking of Mr. Dezhakam has made a remarkable bond with physicians of the clinics who are in communication with Congress60. This two-way communication is held in Tehran Taleghani park every Friday morning to cooperate, expand and exchange knowledge about addiction treatment and other diseases.


The last words

Opium that was once a hated substance in my opinion and I had always complained to God about the creation of the poppy plant, now, it is the source of salvation of addicted people.


For years my heart was in search of the Grail

What was inside me, I searched for, on the trail (Hafez, Great Iranian Poet)


Written by Companion Ameneh

Translated by Companion Marzie Bisjerdi, Shadabad branch of Congress60


The X-theory stated that drugs have gradually entered body and passed the Blood-Brain Barrier; therefore, the biochemical balance of hormones and neurotransmitters has been disrupted and it is re-balanced by Using the DST method and OT syrup in Congress60.



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