DST, The Most Perfect Method for Addiction Treatment
2/13/2020 12:00:00 AM

DST, The Most Perfect Method for Addiction Treatment

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Now we understand that the medicines produced for addiction treatment are addictive themselves.

Congress 60 Human Revivification Society is an NGO of addiction treatment, and people treated in Congress 60 are called Traveler. Foundation of activities in the organization is based on the help of a person revived from addiction to the substance abuser who attended Congress60.

Every drug abuser can be accompanied by a member of family or a friend from the beginning of the treatment. The person who accompanies a Traveler during the treatment is called a companion in Congress 60.

Companion Nafiseh, an active member of Shams Branch of Congress 60 in Tehran, submitted an article about addiction and its treatment in Congress 60, which comes below.

Addiction is not just a behavioral issue to be just left aside. It is a disease and should be treated. Treatment is beyond giving up a habit, and reaching the balance is beyond addiction treatment. As we know, in the past there were several methods to give up addiction as a habit, including herbal and chemical medicines.

A medicine named Methadone was produced and was thought to be a proper substitution for substances like Opium and Heroin. It became an addictive substance after years. Now we understand that the medicines produced for addiction treatment are addictive themselves.

Other methods of addiction treatment like free fall, acupuncture, hitting, electric shock, changing blood, UROD, and so on will lead to not using drugs just for a while. Using these methods, the abuser won’t reach a balanced and steady situation and thinks about using drugs every day. This is why physicians believe there is no treatment for addiction and the abuser will only be sober for just one day. He won’t be balanced until the end of his life and will carry this weakness until then.

The DST method in Congress60 stood against this process and made a new way, explained the problem of addiction and described if the addiction treatment is done correctly, all problems of the abuser will be vanished. This method explains addiction as a chronic substitution instead of intoxication or dependency. Inner opioids are replaced with outer quasi opioids in the body, and damaged psyche with negative thoughts’ replacements for positive thoughts. All these distresses are because of the dysfunction of the X-system in the body.

Therefore, if a traveler is not able to cut off the drug suddenly, it’s not related to the lack of his will, he has a sickness and must be cured. During the first travel, Opium Tincture will slowly revive disabled organs of the body in about 11 months.

Definitely, the best path is the one that leads successfully to the definite treatment of addiction, accompanied by the abusers’ balance. Mr. Dezhakam considers Congress 60 and its method as the best one because he believes that the changes in his and other travelers’ attributes happened as a result of the instructions of Congress60.

My traveler never experienced other methods of rehabilitation, and Congress60 was the place we attended to ask for help. I dare say Congress 60’s Method for addiction treatment is the most complete one as it simultaneously brings the balance for the travelers and companions

Thank God for getting familiar with Congress 60 due to my traveler’s addiction. Congress60 was the safe place we were looking for. I thank Mr. Dezhakam sincerely for the innovation of his method by which my family and I and people like us can feel calm again.

Written By: Companion Nafiseh  

Translated by: Traveler Arash

Edited by: Companion Marjan






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