Man, a Forgetful Creature
2/12/2020 12:00:00 AM

Man, a Forgetful Creature

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Congress60 taught me to follow my wisdom rather than my passions or desires. It taught me to follow values and to avoid anti-values to reach the paradise the Lord has promised.

Man is a forgetful creature. Sometimes he forgets events and accidents that have happened to him.

Forgetfulness can have both a positive and a negative impact, i.e. it can be useful and sometimes harmful to us.

Drug abusers and their families forget many of the suffering and problems of the period of their addiction when they got released. They forget who helped them achieve this good mood and did not hesitate to help them get liberated.

These servants are of a wide range including guides, border guards, agents, assistants, and watchers and we might care less about them. They work in Congress60 unconditionally and expect nothing from anybody. Congress60 is a safe place where we all have reached a relative tranquility. Congress60 has provided me with all the help and instructions which cannot be found anywhere else.

With the help of these instructions, we have learned many things and facts. These instructions can’t be counted or described. They are not found in any books or universities.

Congress 60, at the first step, taught me what addiction is, who a drug user is and how he should be considered. We learned how to treat addiction which was told would not be treated anywhere in the world. And then Congress60 taught us to live our lives in the best way possible.

Here we learned that we should know ourselves prior to knowing our Creator, and cast a new glance on our lives and its issues. Congress60 taught me to follow my wisdom rather than my passions or desires. It taught me to follow values and to avoid anti-values to reach the paradise the Lord has promised.

Congress 60 taught me to be grateful to the Lord and everyone who helped and served me.

It granted me and my family the joy and happiness changed us from a depressed family, full of struggle and tension to a happy and hopeful family

Mr. Dezhakam, with his due diligence, has put this agenda among the annual agendas to let members know where they have stood, what Congress60 has done for them and what they have done for it. Now have I paid for all those valuable things Congress60 has freely provided me with? These services cannot be compared by no means to money or pecuniary matters, and; any services done is the smallest thing we’ve done for Congress60.

We must be grateful to our dear friends who have given us free services without any expectations.

We should observe the rules and sanctities of Congress 60, and we should never forget our current condition. We should refuse to say “no” to any services in Congress 60 and we should not refrain from donating monetary aids as much as we can. We should keep this in mind that others planted and we ate, now it’s our turn to plant so that others may eat.

Moreover, we should keep in mind that the Lord doesn’t grant the virtue of serving people to all humans. Finally let’s say a loud “Good Job” to those who sincerely serve in this sacred place, those who expect no pay and do their best to enhance the sublime goals of Congress60 to help those who need.

Written by: Companion Azam

Translated by: Traveler Azad

Edited by: Companion Marjan


Source : 0
Topic : Articles
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  • Companion Marzieh, Shadabad branch
زمان ارسال
2/20/2020 10:38:15 AM
Thanks a lot dear Mrs. Marjan and Mr. Azad God bless u all
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