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Communications of Hossein and Bill (Reply to bill- Dec 18, 2019)

 Communications of Hossein and Bill (Reply to bill- Dec 18, 2019)

Dec 18,2019

Dear Bill,


 I hope you are fine, I am well.

Your message on my 22th addiction redemption anniversary or better I say the 22th anniversary of Congress 60’s birth, made me so happy. Although, each year I am receiving a message from you and this message is being read at physician legion, yet I was surprised again.

Your message was read by a physician in both English and Persian.

Las week agenda was about foundation of Congress 60 so other members could learn about how Congress 60 came to be. This week’s agenda is (Golrizan) and in this week the donations from members will be gathered.


I enjoyed your answers about psyche, we are coming to a joint point together.

Our definition of psyche was:

The sum of our feeling and perceptions which manifests in our thinking, speaking and actions.

In other words:

Psyche is the summary of feelings and perceptions both in visible and invisible attributes of a human being which shows itself in thinking, speaking and actions of that person.

Let us make this definition even better by saying that summary of perceptions and feelings of the person which manifests in the mood (habitude) of a person.

Now we can come to this conclusion that mood (habitude) or psyche of a person could be good or evil, ugly or beautiful, healthy or sick, and last it can be in balance or out of balance.

Now we must focus on what makes or creates the psyche. If we are to repair it we must know its creator.

Therefore, let us focus on human being for a quick review.

A human being is consisted of two general sections:


The body of a human being which is made of dust because all the elements of soil like calcium, phosphors, sodium, potassium, zinc and etc. exist in our body.

If one of these elements decreases or increases, it can result in sickness and therefore it can hurt our psyche. There are other vital elements within our body that doesn’t exist in nature and body must produce it. For instance: hormones, neurotransmitters, mediators, enzymes, macrophages, and etc.

If any systems of these elements production is out of balance, then the body will show variety of malfunctions and in turn psyche is hurt as well.

Specially any malfunction in analgesic system or opioid like production systems or neurotransmitters like Dynorphin, enkephalin, endorphin, dopamine, serotonin, adrenalin and etc. can greatly harm our body.    

Sex hormones can affect our mood greatly and in some cases even suicide will occur.

So we know that functionality of our body can greatly affect our psyche and in turn our mood.

I posit that our genetics can’t affect our mood directly. Our genetics issues the order of X materials—X materials are the sum of opioid like materials, hormones and other neurotransmitters of the body which are being made within brain or other sections of our body.

For instance, if we can track suicide in a family from genetics point of view, I believe an X material is missing within them.


Second section is called “Jan” which holds all the worldview of the person. “Jaan” is consisted of soul, ego, reason, mind status and etc. (Dear Sir, I wasn’t able to find a proper translation for “Jaan” and honestly I can’t grasp the true meaning of it myself. I believe a definition that Mr. Dezhakam is provided suits our needs for now).

It doesn’t matter if we believe in soul (ego) or not.

What matters is there is something which rules over the structure of our body. In fact, this “Thing” is the owner of body and I call it “Jaan”

Now we can posit that ideas, thinking or to put it in a better way the worldview of a person can greatly affect psyche or mood of that person.

It is proved that our thinking can even affect our body (more than 150 illnesses are rooted in thinking and are called as psychosomatic illnesses).

For instance: a bad news can result in a heart attack and death!

The worldview of a person therefore can greatly hurt or heal our psyche.

The worldview could be:

Is he optimistic or not? Is he positive or negative? He believes in God or not? Is he religious prejudicial or not? Does he believe in after life or not? Does he believe in God’s grace or not? Is he humane or not? Does he believe in helping and supporting others or not? And thousands other subjects which creates worldview.

We can come to this conclusion that what creates psyche or mood is:


Body + worldview = psyche or mood (habitude)

It is the triangle of addiction treatment which I believe in order to recreate psyche we must heal body and worldview simultaneously.

I posit we can’t heal psyche with healing body.

I posit we can’t heal psyche with healing worldview.

We need both together. Let me enlighten the subject with an instance:

Psyche is like a music which is being played. We can never tune the music itself! We must fix the source of the music.

Imagine someone is playing piano. If the piano is not tuned well, even Beethoven can’t play a beautiful music for us. Or if the piano is well tuned but it is being played by a person who is not familiar with playing it, again the music will be annoying.

Piano in this instance is the body and one who plays the piano is “Jaan” and the music which is being heard is mood or psyche or habitude.

I posit no one can fix the music without paying attention to the instrument and one who plays it.

Thus, all those who are trying to fix psyche with pills and medicines will never succeed.


Healthy psyche = healthy worldview + healthy body.


Friends and brothers on heaven and earth forever


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