The Third Valley and Relying on our abilities
12/28/2019 12:00:00 AM

The Third Valley and Relying on our abilities

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Some people are dependent on others and are not self-confident and expect others to do their jobs and responsibilities.

The third valley and relying on our abilities.

Hi friends, I am Kobra, a companion. 

The title of this valley begins with the word “should”. We should definitely know that nobody is concerned as deeply as a human being for his true self.

Some people are dependent on others and are not self-confident and expect others to do their jobs and responsibilities. For example, they say that they wanted to cook food but they didn’t know how to do it or they say that they didn’t want to gossip about anyone but they couldn’t. And the worst is the fact that they say it was outside our control.

On these occasions, it should be said to them that everything is under the control of themselves, and we should accept our mistakes which are the results of our desires. Individuals who leave their own responsibility for their thoughts, problems and damages to others, suffer and are always in trouble.

Therefore, we should take our responsibilities in life and rely on our abilities. It is useful to have general information if we can use them in our daily life. For example, most of the time, it is not useful for us to know where the so-called river falls, or how many mountains we have and where they are originated from, etc. However, it is important to enhance our knowledge.

We should have a new beginning for ourselves which can provide us with peace and calm. Thus, we can learn from nature as the best pattern. For example, inspirations from birds’ flying led to making airplanes. 

In order to find the solution to our problems, we need to be always busy changing ourselves, an accurate changing through a healthy contemplation, which can guide us towards peace and quietness not towards destruction.

The reason for different kinds of problems in our lives is related to our improper actions in the past. Perhaps, we planted a bitter seed in the past, knowingly or unknowingly, and today we are confronted with its fruit. Attending Congress60, we learned that the responsibility of our problems should be taken by ourselves and we should try to solve them little by little, and should never lose our hope.

I was like people that didn’t accept their faults and mistakes, and leave their responsibilities to others. It is obvious that they won’t take any action to solve their problems. But now with God’s and congress60’s favor, I have been able to move correctly and take responsibility for my problems.

I appreciate Mr.Dezhakam and his family for providing us with the situation in which we can understand the repeated issues better.

I express my gratitude to Mrs.Maryam because we could experience the blissful state under her guidance.

Written by: Companion Kobra

Translated by: Companion Mahnoush

Edited by: Companion Marjan


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Topic : Articles
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