IRNA News Agency's Interview with Mr. Hossen Dekhakam, the Base of Congress60
8/27/2019 12:00:00 AM

IRNA News Agency's Interview with Mr. Hossen Dekhakam, the Base of Congress60

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Mr. Dezhakam: if a person is properly liberated from addiction, he must be able to deeply sleep in a warehouse of heroin and he must have no craving for consuming drugs, in this case the person is considered to be treated. That is why the Medical Society has accepted that Congress60’s method of addiction treatment is the best."

In the international Congress of Addiction Knowledge, Mr. Dezhakam, the Base of Congress60 had an interview with IRNA news agency, he told the media that all the rewards related to the DST method are funded by Dezhakam Publication. The  international Congress of Addiction Knowledge was held in three days on August 21st to 23rd in Razi International Conference Center in Tehran. He said that the Medical Society  has positive attitudes towards the DST method because we are working on both sides of addiction. He stated that in Congress60’s viewpoint, addiction has two sides: one is the medical part and the other is recovery, for instance in surgical operations, recovery just starts after a surgeon operates on one part of the body.

Mr. Dezhakam also asserted that Congress60 has close ties and cooperation with physicians and the medical society and now they believe in recovery and treatment of addiction. The medical society has now accepted that recovery in Congress60 is very very powerful and strong and it is the best in the world.

He also mentioned that the Medical Society has accepted that among all the NGS active in addiction treatment, Congress60’s recovery is acceptable due to playing sports and having music band and even the drug-consumers’ families are active in the process of addiction treatment.

The Director-General of Congress60 further mentioned that “consider a patient who has undergone a heart surgery and just suppose that the surgery has not been successful, do you think that the recovery stage will help the patient?” Even if you provide the best recovery status for the patient, he will NEVER get better. Recovery is successful only if the surgery and treatment are successful. Hopefully, the medical society view towards addiction treatment is changing.

Mr. Dezhakam added that if a person is properly liberated from addiction, he must be able to deeply sleep in a warehouse of heroin and he must have no craving for consuming drugs, in this case the person is considered to be treated.

Master Hossein Dezhakam further asserted that many people have accepted this view but many others haven’t; however we have to say that “actions speak louder than words”. He maintained that publishing lots of ISI articles in the field of addiction  and giving speeches in conferences are not considered as treatment. You must do it in action [they must practically treat addiction, not by saying words].

Mr. Dezhakam also added that addiction is a multi-factor disease or Multivariate Equation which is still unknown to the world, they have merely carried out researches using questionnaires; however, we have carried out extended research.

He also stated that all the articles submitted to Congress60 have been judged and some have been accepted as articles to be delivered and some as posters.

He mentioned that this year Congress60 is the supporter of the international Congress of Addiction and added that strong NGOs must be the supporter of weaker ones. For instance, the European Union helps many NGOs as they wanted to support us but we did not accept.

Mr. Dezhakam stipulated that our words must be stated in the international arena and we do not expect that they accept our words, I have tolerated this situation for 20 years and I can wait 20 more years. Not only Congress60, but also all the NGOs and organizations must support this Congress because it is an international one happening in our country, all of us must support it. All the experts in this regard attended this congress which is a unique event.

Mr. Dezhakam added that the DST (Dezhakam Step Time) method has been discovered in Iran and not only addictive drugs  but also other medicines can be taken from the patients. Today one of the problems in psychiatry and medical science is the matter of drugs which are continually prescribed to the patients, for instance a person has been consuming psychiatric drugs for 14 years and physicians  cannot take the medicines back; however the DST method is capable of doing this, actually the DST method is a way to take the drugs back and also to treat addiction using OT (Opium Tincture).  

He emphasized: “since we want to show Congress60’s successful treatment to the Medical Society, we invite the scientists to work on this treatment [the DST Method] and we give the best studies rewards and in the next year we may provide money for those who want to carry out research in this regard.

Mr. Dezhakam who is also a member of Judicial Committee of this congress mentioned that I only give my opinion about the articles written about the DST method.

He also stated that we opted to scan different layers of brain of newcomers to Congress60 through MRI at three points of time: at their entrance, after six months and at the end when they are completely  treated so that we can examine how the DST method works and what changes it brings about. All of these activities are being done because we are seeking field and practical research. We desire to see how much this research and treatment  has been successful. Last year, a researcher has carried out a study on 500 members of Congress60 and now we have  to see whether this project was worth doing or not.

He added that when the Armed Forces want to show their power, they perform maneuvers; when we want to show the strength of our treatment and recovery, we hold sports competitions and in this regard, we have gained the first place in Iran. We also have the music band Of Congress60 which started its work three years ago and it gradually changes to an orchestra and they play the songs of Congress60. All the songs sung here are produced by Congress60 members. This group have been appreciated by the Minister of the Interior, the Mayor of Tehran, the ex-Deputy Chief of Police, and the Secretary General of Anti-Narcotics, Commander  Eskandar Momeni. The music band of Congress60 will also have a coherent performance in this congress too.

Translated by Elahe   


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