A Secretary from Caspian
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A Secretary from Caspian

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Generally speaking, the position and being with Mr.Dezhakam is entirely instructive but the most important one is his patience and tolerance.

A secratry from Caspian

  • Please introduce yourself as it is common in Congress60

Hello friends , I am Mohammad , a traveller. My last anti Xes were methadon,opium and ice . my first journey took  12 months long, my sport field is swimming and my guide assisstant is Mr. Hamid. My liberation from addiction is two years and one month; also I have liberated from nicotine for one year and one month by Mr. Moussa as my guide assistant.

  • Would you please tell us about services you have done in Congress60?

My first service was in journal part of Congress60 and then I became the head of journals in Caspian branch- Qazvin.  I served as new commer's consultant, secretary, master of ceremonies and recently I have had the opportunity to experience the secretary  position of Wendsdays’ meetings in Academi branch.

  •  How did  you get familiar with Congress60?

One of my relatives and I were used to use drugs together. In fact we were delinquent peer. After a while he disappeared and I heard that he is treating  his addiction; however we used the word  " quit "  and I did not believe in treatment and quitting addiction at all . After my friend's liberation from addiction , I deduced that addiction has treatment but I did not believe it because I had examined different ways to quit addiction and I used different anti Xes; thus I thought that addiction was integrated with my life, I came to Congress60 to get rid of ice and I accepted methadon and opium to be with me forever.

  • You told that you had come to Congress60 to test it but according to the long distance between your house and Caspian branch which took about one hour and half, what did happen that you not only have stayed but also have served here so far? In other word, what attracted you to Congress60?

When I entered Congress60 , it was the first session in Ramadan and Mr. Kourosh was the speaker of session and the agenda was " roaring rivers" 1  and I remember the speech of the speaker. When he declared that his liberation from addiction is about 12 years, it was very interesting for me how a person is able not to use drugs for this long time. This matter created a point of thought in me and his speech caused me to stay and serve in Congress60.

And about your question "how do I travel this long distance to reach Congress60?", many people ask me this question and I refer to one of guide assistants’ quotes saying everyone who travels longer distances has more degree of love. When we went to Academy for liberation of one of the members of our legion on the first days of my entrance to Congress60, and after I saw Mr. Dezhakam, a power said inside me this was the place where I can be liberated from addiction. As a result, I have not permitted any issue to make me stay away from my aim (point of thought) which I planned for myself and that is to become a guide assistant. This long distance is not so important as my aim.

Maybe it is unbelievable but I do not feel I am in the road. Maybe one of the reasons of my liberation from addiction and my proper first journey was this long road because I listened to Congress60’s CDs in my car many times and this helped me very much.


  • The first day that I came to Congress60 and to journal parts, because of your smile and your tranquility I did not believe you were addicted, too. Were you the same before coming to Congress60?  Please tell us about your condition and your character before coming to Congress60.

Maybe you do not believe that I spoke to nobody in the first six month of my entrance to Congress60. In fact, I was on my own and ice had hurt me so that I saw all the walls and white papers as written forms, and when I told this to some people, they didn’t believe it. I remember the days when I saw thunder and lighting and I felt some small animals like mice and cats come out of my body. So a man with this amount of destruction had definite conditions. I was asleep during days and awake during nights for my last three years of addiction. I almost did not interact with anybody and I did not have any friends and relatives with me. I was like a single-cell creature because ice has robbed me of everything like education, job and family. I owe my smile and tranquility to Congress60.

  • Would you please give advice to travelers who do not follow steps correctly or individuals who have not done anything for their treatment?

If I want to say everything I will use the triangle2. First, they must believe in the path and treatment of Congress60; second, they must obey their guide assistant and the laws of Congress60 and another matter is to serve for themselves and by love not for attracting attention. We serve in order to feel well and when these three sides are completed we experience the blissful state. And my advice for individuals who haven’t come here yet is just to come to Congress60 and be sure that any kind of drugs can be cured here.

  • The addicted individuals are not interested in reading, why do we use journals in Congress60 and why does Mr.Dezhakam emphasize on this matter?

To be treated, we have to work on three factors: physiology, psyche and world view. Physiology is treated by OT and DST method and psyche will be naturally treated. But Mr. Salami quoted from Mr.Dezhakam that he had written 95% of treatment is related to worldview while in fact 98% of treatment of addiction is corresponded to worldview. The worldview is taught just by journals of Congress60 and through Mr.Dezhakam’s and Mr. Amin’s weekly CDs.

  • Would you please tell us about the sense and mood of Wednesdays' sessions and being Mr. Dezhakam’s secretary?

This position is indescribable. In the book “Edmond and Halia”, Mr.Dezhakam wrote about the scent of rose that we are not able to describe. So in order to feel this scent, you yourself must experience it. Being with Mr.Dezhakam is full of energy and instructions. After the first session that you are stressed out, the rest of the sessions is full of energy and you do not feel any tiredness. One week before experiencing this position, I exactly had the same feeling as my first use of ice but it was more powerful, better and pure sense and I understood how powerful quasi-opioid substances in our bodies are.

  • Please tell us about one of subjects you have learned during these seven sessions?

Generally speaking, the position and being with Mr.Dezhakam is entirely instructive but the most important one is his patience and tolerance. The next subject is that it is not important for Mr.Dezhakam what religion or ethic you have. He behaves with adult as adolescent and with children as the young. He loves all people and I can definitely say that nobody will be happy for liberation of individuals as much as Mr. Dezhakam. It shows his absolute love surging inside him and many things will reveal. You have to be in that position to understand it; and Mr.Dezhakam adheres to the laws and sanctity of Congress60.  There are many other instructive subject to say.

  • Please tell us why you participated in the guide assistant exam?

Because it is described as an incredible position which has a pure blissful state and is not found in any other positions. I will continue until I get it because it is the unconditional love.

  • Please tell us about your sense when you hear these names: 

Congress60: the blissful state

Mr.Dezhakam: love

Mr. Amin: calmness

Mr. Kourosh: a great man

Mr. Mohammad Reza: the fourteenth valley

Mr. Hamid: he is indescribable for me but I can say that all above traits is in him. He is the man of love path.

1: (the title of the eleventh valley of Congress60: all roaring rivers and grushing springs will ultimately reach to sea and ocean)

2: (triangle is the basic form of explanation and description in Congress60 because it shows there are three basic and important elements for everything at least)


  Translated by: Companion Banafshe

Editted by: Companion Marjan

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Topic : Interviews
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