How to Appreciate?
8/11/2019 12:00:00 AM

How to Appreciate?

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Do we know how to appreciate those who serve us? Can we appreciate them if they give us a cup of tea? Unfortunately we haven’t learned.


A Summary of Master Dezhakam’s Words in Physician’s Legion

 Hi friends, I am Hossein, a traveler. We should learn to express our gratitude. Congress60 teaches us how to do this. During the “Teacher’s Week” nobody pays attention to teachers. The greatest work usually done on this occasion is giving congratulations or a flower to them. On teacher’s day, my son, Amin, had bought a bunch of flowers and a bottle of perfume to give to his professor. He was surprised at this and asked what it was! Well, when others love us, how should we express our gratitude? 

Since we taught others to appreciate and they learned, Congress60 is in its present state. All the ceremonies of Iftar were held during Ramadhan without the help of government and benefactors; the members themselves participated and paid the expenses. And about 800-900 milion tomans will be saved at the end of Ramadhan.

I sign checks for 300-500 milion tomans every week. Because we have taught the members to serve Congress60 in response to the free treatment they had received before. They  have also learned how to appreciate and compensate Congress60 for their treatment. When they learn, they can draw a 50-milion tomans check for Congress60 to buy pieces of ground.

They try to sponsor Congress60 in any forms and situations if necessary. Thus we have taught them to be grateful.

Do we know how to appreciate those who serve us? Can we appreciate them if they give us a cup of tea? Unfortunately we haven’t learned. Have we learned to weigh something up to consider both its advantages and disadvantages? A couple who have lived with each other for years suddenly become enemies; however, they can weigh up the reasons.

We teach Congress60’s members that everything is free for you like: the guide, the place, electricity, etc. If we want to calculate, the expense of all these facilities is about 17 milion tomans per a member in a year. We tell them this truth respectfully. We tell them that they should appreciate the members who are serving them voluntarily and for free.  

This appreciation isn’t done every day, it is done every year during a week. For example, during the Guide Week and the Marzban Week, Members of Congress60 can appreciate their guides and Marzban. We have a week called the companion week when a traveler must appreciate his companion by buying a present, just money or gold accesories.

The members must put the money and a note for appreciation in an envelope and give it to their guide. By appreciation, all the personnel are energetic because they know that others see them and their servings. People like to be seen by others. When someone cooks food, they like others admire and confirm them and say it was delicious. Therefore, appreciation in Congress60 is done just by giving an envelope based on the financial situation of the members.

When one of the members of a family passes away, others don’t know how to express their gratitude. A bad or ridiculous tradition is to print an announcement on the first page of a newspaper, or to buy flowers for 2 or 3 milion tomans and so on.

If someone whose father, wife, etc. has died doesn’t have enough money for the ceremony, how can they manage the expenses?

We don’t follow this ridiculous tradition in Congress60. We teach the members to give envelopes of money to the survivors in the funeral ceremonies.


Prepared by: Ali and Saeed

Translated by: Marjan

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