The Solitude Shell
2/8/2019 12:00:00 AM

The Solitude Shell

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I was stunned and could not understand the depth of the catastrophe, and sooner than I imagined, the ugly face of illusion and crystal showed itself to me.


When I look back a few years ago, and remember those days of all despair, fear, anxiety, humility, darkness, loneliness....I don't believe that it was me Fatemeh who played the role of this horror movie.

 Those days, despite all shortcomings in my life, and despite all my demands, my greatest wish was to be able to sleep calmly just for one night. I emphasize: to be able to sleep calmly.

Perhaps my words are ridiculous to many people, but the only one who has lived with a drug addict, especially a crystal addict, can understand them.

My traveler used to take opium, opium extract, and methadone for years, and there was a big gap between us those years.   We were just like two flat mate each of whom was drowning in his/her loneliness.

And it was me who by putting a concrete fence around myself had made it impossible for any kinds of energy to penetrate into myself, and I was turned into a single, furious, exigent; full of imperfections and an anti-value person. However, when I came to myself I realized my traveler was drowning in the swamp of crystal.

I was stunned and could not understand the depth of the catastrophe, and sooner than I imagined, the ugly face of illusion and crystal showed itself to me.

 It was the time when I found out apart from all the addiction difficulties, what the fear of your partner, the closest person to you, means!

Anyway, I don’t want to continue with this conversation. (Let’s leave it aside)

It would be impossible to explain Congress60’s assist to me on a page or in an article.

It is impossible to explain in a few sentences that what the savior of a man, who had no longer any hope of life, has done.

Moreover, Congress60 carries a much higher and larger responsibility than a savior.

 Because a savior has nothing to do after saving a man from water and bringing him to the shore whereas Congress60 saves him first, and then teaches him humanity and right understanding toward the universe.

Congress60 is a humanization workshop. I dare to say what I learned at Congress60 was never taught to me in any university or class. In addition to save my traveler, Congress60 prevented me from dying gradual. As I said, I was full of features and characteristics of the darkness forces.  I supposed by being silent and not asking for my natural demands in the marital life, I was a perfect example of patience and perseverance.  But I was unaware that moving on the path of anti-values, had made me one of the loyal members of the negative forces while I did not know myself.

I was faced with my true self by Congress60 for the first time. Although I could not believe that this terrible creature I saw in the mirror was me and it was very painful, but it was true.

Congress60 has taught me to break and burn myself, to turn to ashes, and to be born out of my ashes. Although this Fatemeh is still a small and feeble twig, I am trying to irrigate this feeble twig with Congress60’s training and protect it in order to become a strong and solid tree.

 Then I can be fruitful for my kind gardener.

I feel wholeheartedly that our marital life has begun on my husband’s liberation day. And the years before that, were just a nightmare that has finished.  Regarding all I have said, how can I help Congress60 as a companion?

Can an unimportant person like me compensate the huge thing that has been doing in Congress60?

 Maybe I can only help it by doing honest services along with the great of Congress60, to acquaint distress people who are wholeheartedly waiting for the morning of hope.

Written by: Companion Fatemeh

Translated by: Companion Samaneh

Edited by: Companion Marjan




Source : 0
Topic : Articles
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  • همسفر عاطفه از نمایندگی سمنان
زمان ارسال
2/18/2019 12:21:42 PM
سلام بسیار عالی سمانه عزیزم، خداقوت خداقوت به گروه سایت انگلیسی کنگره 60
  • همسفر عاطفه از نمایندگی سمنان
زمان ارسال
2/17/2019 2:23:55 PM
سلام بسیار عالی سمانه عزیزم ، موفق باشید خداقوت خدمت گروه مترجمان و سایت انگلیسی کنگره 60
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