From  Unknown to Known
10/25/2018 12:00:00 AM

From Unknown to Known

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The creation of any systematic structures that work correctly and continue to maintain their sustainability, need proper thinking.

From the unknown to known, on the first valley and its effect on me


We describe contemplating as a movement from the unknown to the known, or a journey from one point to another one which is made by “wisdom”.  Thus the unknown should be disclosed like what has done for treatment of addiction, which had been unknown for years.

The first valley in Congress 60 is about contemplating. Well, we know that the creation of any systematic structures that work correctly and continue to maintain their sustainability, need proper thinking. In large dimensions, one can look at the creation of the world, which is calculated and created precisely. For example, the Earth's circulation in a certain orbit indicates that if a particle is displaced, it would be exited from its equilibrium, and all other examples represent the perfect behind the creation of all the beings. Furthermore, the power of thinking has also been granted to other creatures. Due to the Divine love, man also has the power of thinking which can be used with their own discretion.

The valley tells us: “Life is like a white paper. Each color and design that we have now is the result of the lines we have drawn.” For some people it's inaccurate and even ugly, and for some others it is perceptible, beautiful and eye-catching. Therefore, we should be careful how we draw on our life painting. This valley says: “I should not think of the things that are unrelated to me. I should not make my mind crowded unreasonably in a way that I would be kept away from my important issues.” It describes what we should think about. We should think about the problems and the reason why they have occurred. Of course, at first we must see and face them. In the past, some issues didn’t appear to us as problems since we didn’t think of them. Then, problems like using drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, wrong and immoral behaviors remained unsolved. Thus problems and calamities are the essential factors to employ the power of wisdom. It is important to us to have a calculated and enforceable plan to solve them while considering the time.

It says: “Think about where you are right now? Are you satisfied with the structures you have already built? And where you are situated? If it's not true, let's put an end to it, and draw a new line using the triangle of knowledge, experience, and education.  Consult others, and consider all the aspects of the work. And finally make the final decision." If you experienced a way and did not get to conclusion, you should doubt it, like those useless quitting you had before Congress60. In the definition of thinking, there is a movement from the unknown the known, or from a point to another one which is done by "wisdom". The unknowns should be disclosed, like the unknown in the treatment of addiction, which have been remained unanswered for many years until Mr. Dezhakam introduced the problem of addiction, when the unknown were reduced, lots of information was added and the problem of the addiction treatment was solved. If Congress60 is now keeps working in the best shape and system, it reveals the thought behind its structure. How good is the fairness of thinking in the first valley which is the sign for contemplating! If there was not any first valley, would it be possible to have other valleys? Who thought that responsibility should not be left to others and even to God? Who could promote his/her tolerance? Who could acquire other valleys to reach to the true love by thinking?



Written by: Hamid Rajavi

Translated by:Companion Parvin

Editted by: Marjan




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Topic : Articles
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