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I choose not to place "DIS", in my ability (part II)

I choose not to place

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How did you find Congress 60?

I had a three-wheel bike which I used to ride to go and buy drugs. Once, I was around Enqelab Square to buy some opium. I parked my bike in an alley and left for the dealer. On the way back, I noticed Congress 60’s banner and I got curious about their treatment method so I stepped in and they explained their program but I did not have the intention to get treated so I did not join.

Four or five years passed like this and I was addicted. Back then, I was a university student but what kind of a student I was! I used to sleep till noon and could not make it to my classes. If I could attend the sessions I was either dozy and high or yawning and dry. Anyway, I could manage to finish my studies somehow.

Tell us about your first journey (treatment period).

Initially, I could not accept that I can taper my daily dosage gradually. I got used to eat 3 grams of opium first thing in the morning but according to my guide instruction I had to divide my daily dosage into three one-gram parts. At first, I was afraid of it but in a few days I realized that it’s not too hard to do so. By tapering my consumption after each 21-day step, I started to feel better day by day. Eventually, at the final stage of my treatment, I reached to a point at which consuming the daily dosage of 0.3mg opium made me feel better than days of consuming 3 or 4 grams per day.

Regarding your disability, how much the help of your friends and guide was effective for you?

In fact, I don’t think that I was able to keep on the treatment even a single day without the aid of my companion, Jamal, my friend, Morteza, and especially the support and instructions of my dear guide, Mr. Heidari. As a matter of fact, my parents and family did not believe in Congress 60’s method of treatment and never supported me along the way but, these dear friends fully supported me and were there for me all the time. I cannot thank them enough for their kindness and support.

Tell us about your guide, Mr. Heidari…

(I can notice Yaser’s tears overflowing his eyes)

I have always considered Mr. Heidari as my savior angel. He did all he could for me, never left me alone and was there for me. I was totally devastated when I joined his legion; I had no hope at all, no support from my family in addition to my special condition. I could not even hold a tea cup or light a cigarette by myself.

He was always hugging me and comforting me, telling me “you are right, these problems do exist but it going to be alright gradually; just give it some time and we will solve them together little by little.”

Tell us about these days after successful completion of your treatment and living without drugs?

Honestly, when I was addicted I used to miss my happy days in high school all the time. Now that I’m treated I feel like being in those days once again, I am happy and full of energy. I feel like that I got several years younger.

Do you have anything to tell to those drug abusers who are hopeless about getting treated?

I would tell them that nothing happens if you yourselves do not start to look for a solution. Stop feeling desperate, get out there, and look for a logical and scientific treatment. You can do it, if you really want it.   

And the last words …

The end of each point is the beginning of a new line.


Interview by: Ali Ziayi

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