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Wednesdays' Workshops: How do we appreciate in Congress 60?

Wednesdays' Workshops: How do we appreciate in Congress 60?

How do we appreciate in Congress60?

Hi friends. I am Hossein, a traveler. Hope you are all well, Thank God I am fine, too. Today is February 1, 2023, and it is 10:10 a.m. and we are in the Academy Building in Tehran. Well, today Amin has come to help me with the order of liberations. I could begin the workshop at 10 a.m. Thank God for raining and snowing much, which is God’s blessing for us and all humans. Congratulations on the rainfall. If there wasn’t God’s blessing, it would never rain, and we would experience water shortages and other problems. This is a blessing and we should appreciate it. In general, all the affairs were carried on during the previous week. The number of liberations (from addiction) is almost 150 per week, which is a very good number. In the previous week, the headquarters officials visited Congress 60 in Taleqani Park, the deputy of the headquarters, the deputy of the Secretary General of the anti-narcotics Force Headquarters,  the deputy head of counter-narcotics headquarters, the Director General of Treatment, the Director General of Prevention, Director General of NGOs and some other experts.
It was an extremely good visit. They came to see what Congress60 was doing and how the liberation rate is so much high. They complimented the discipline in Congress 60. Good talks were held and this is of great importance. These officials don’t visit every NGO. The organization should have no drawbacks and problems (to be visited by them.)
Then, our research started. We are doing research into three diseases simultaneously, breast cancer, MS, and Colitis related to the large intestine. Nearly 240 rats are under experiment in the Pastor Laboratory. Maybe we bring the MS and Colitis cases to the Simorq building the next Sunday or Monday, and the rest related to cancer are kept there (in Pastor Lab) Things are going well. We have a good relationship with the scientific centers abroad. Bristol University has asked for cooperation with these three experiments. We said: “Well, they do some of the experiments and we just mention their names to consider their cooperation with us.” It is not possible for us to do some of the experiments in Iran. They are related to microarray analysis, according to them, which is done in England, and the rest is done at Pastor Institute. We had the ability to make the rats sick but I didn’t accept. I said” “No, another center must make our rats sick.” Because it is so important in terms of proving the case. If we make them cancerous and then treat them, it may be told we had not made them cancerous. But when another institute makes them sick, it certifies that they made them sick this way, and the results are well documented. Now what we are doing is making the rats sick in an institute like Pastor, which is known throughout the world. Not every lab has such credit. The next point is that we are doing research into treating the animal models and another prominent university analyzes the result with computer-aided devices.  Well, these are great successes.
Before appreciating Congress 60, everyone should do several things.
The first thing which should be observed is “order”. The highest appreciation of Congress 60 is to create order, meaning members should come and go on time, should pick up any waste left on the floor
should wear neat clothes, shouldn’t wear several Aqeeq rings, shouldn’t hold rosaries in their hands, and should not wear ripped trousers, the ones that are fashionable nowadays, the torn ones. They shouldn’t have these forms. They should be spruce. This is the first stage in Congress 60. By doing these, you have appreciated Congress 60. It is the same for ladies and gentlemen. The next is respect. If members want to appreciate Congress 60, it is not one thing. Congress 60 means guide-assistants, Congress 60 means Marzbans (border guards), Congress 60 means Didehbans (watchers), and Congress 60 is not one entity. What is the meaning of Congress 60? Congress 60 means all these people. The members should respect them. Congress 60 means the order guard, it means the host, Congress 60 means the ones who work on the website of Congress 60, or the ones who work in the OT department. The second type of appreciation is to have respect for all these servants and appreciate them. The third example of appreciation is enforcing regulations. If a member wants to appreciate Congress 60, s/he should respect the sanctity and enforce the regulations in Congress 60. If it is said not to go to each other’s house, then don’t go. If Congress 60 says not to interfere, then don’t interfere. As the male guide-assistants do not interfere in the female guide-assistants, the female guide-assistants also should not interfere in the male travelers’ affairs. This is respect. If a guide-assistant of companions interferes in a traveler’s affair, it will mean that s/he has violated the rules, meaning s/he hasn’t appreciated, and vice versa, if a male guide-assistant interferes in companions’ affairs, it will be the same. Thus, we should respect the rules. Thus, the most important type of appreciation is to adhere to discipline and order, to show respect to the authorities and to all, that is all very well and good, even we should respect our legion and legion mates. We need to respect them as well. We need to respect the order guard. If you see someone wearing a vest in Taleqani Park at 4 a.m., and helping to arrange the cars, we should respect them. If he asks us to turn, we should obey. If he asks us not to stop there, we should obey. This means to appreciate Congress 60. Sometimes they come to Taleqani Park on Fridays from 2- 3 a.m. There will be no space to park if you go there at 5 a.m. This is respect. This is the first stage of appreciation. Appreciation in Congress 60 means implementing our travel schedule correctly and telling our guide-assistant all the truth. When entering the legions, the guide-assistants should absolutely tell their pupils, and emphasize to keep them up to date regarding consuming any pills and not to fear, to tell them about any types of drugs they are using. You should say it to your pupils. And this means appreciation. Anyway,
Appreciation is done in three ways: in heart, in mind, and in thought. You may thank somebody but not in mind and gossip in your mind. You tell them “thank you”, but you hate them in your mind. No, this is not appreciation. You should believe in appreciation in your mind and thoughts, whether you appreciate your wife, your father, your mother, or anyone else. This is appreciation in mind. In the next stage, you should speak up. If you love somebody, you need to speak up about it. Some people believe it is not good to do that; it is not appropriate to constantly express your love. But you should express it. This is the second stage, to express gratitude and appreciation verbally, you should speak up. And the third stage is the practical one.
What did you do to appreciate practically? What did you do? How did you thank and appreciate people? Thus it includes three stages.

Translated by: Marjan

March 3, 2023

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