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Measure of Knowledge

Measure of Knowledge

18/11/1997 Sardar
Measure of knowledge

Greetings to my dear friends who have gathered to know their love as the manifestation of the beyond; we have a lot of respects for people like you and wish the best for you on this path. There are some individuals among you who are wondering if they can ever achieve a place where they no longer face a thing called problem. This is possible in two ways, with thinking and without thinking. Which is easier? Along the way, you came across issues which are explainable or you took paths without any thinking at all.
We can say to all humans that by careful thinking and contemplation they can achieve anything that they set their mind upon. We can see the friends, loved-ones and the children walking the path; hope you end the winter with glory. Do you have any questions from us?

Question: is there a chance of salvation for someone who is lost or has become a bad person?

To answer your question briefly, yes.

The Supreme Power or God or whatever name you want to call it, has forgiven mankind an infinite times, each and every one of us constantly make a mistake and are forgiven instantly or to say more clearly, forgiveness is finding the right path and having the ability and determination to follow it. The measure of knowledge is neither literacy nor education, nor civilization, nor the exterior appearances; it is thinking humanely that measure real knowledge. Put your words, thoughts and deeds through a divine test. I hope you got your answer.


Adopted from the book "Crossing the Zone Minus 60 Degrees"

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