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Communications of Hossein and Bill ((Reply to Bill - September 18, 2022)

Communications of Hossein and Bill ((Reply to Bill - September 18, 2022)


Dear Bill,

I hope you are fine; I am well.

It took me almost two weeks to create 120 questions (60 worldview questions and 60 DST treatment-related questions) for the exam.

Also, the D.sap-related tasks are over. I think I will be needing about 300 tons of apple and grape to make D.sap for only Congress 60 members! I will be needing 1000 tons if I am to make D.sap for beyond Congress 60 borders.

I have come to believe that D.sap is beneficial in both curbing and preventing functionalities when it comes to illnesses.

Today I believe that D.sap is an elixir of youth and it prevents sickness. D.sap is a magical solution that was created out of chance and it is anti-infection and anti-inflammation. Infection and inflammation are the mother of all diseases.

Answer to your questions:

The first question was:

The first is based on the rapid spread general practice physicians prescribing buprenorphine as a treatment for opioid addiction in the U.S. I have been asked if this is also occurring in Iran and what particular advantages OT offers within Congress 60 compared to the use of  methadone or buprenorphine by other treatment providers.

Initially, I must say that yes we do have physicians who are using buprenorphine as a maintenance treatment and this type of treatment is spreading.

Now for the second part of the first question in order to compare OT with buprenorphine and methadone, I must write an introduction. What you and I believe today about addiction treatment differs from the rest of the experts!  Forgive me for this long answer but I have no choice!

Opium has different components and it is extremely different than buprenorphine and methadone. OT is like a huge city while buprenorphine and methadone are like a small village!

We need to know what we expect from the medication and what we want from our treatment or what we mean by treatment. We need to answer these questions otherwise we are not going to be able to answer the prior question.

I need to use an example to clarify this debate on medicine and treatment.

Take a case of severe ulcer or kidney stone for instance. We can take two approaches toward treatment in this case.

The first approach is to try to alleviate the pain without paying attention to the stone in the kidney or the infection in the stomach. In this scenario, we may use a strong pain killer as a maintenance medicine every day!

This is what experts are doing with methadone and buprenorphine for drug users and they will never succeed.

The second approach is to cure the infection or exit the stone from the kidney and then the pain goes away! In this scenario, we must use a different type of medication to achieve that goal. This is what we are doing with Opium or OT to cure addiction. Let’s compare these medicines and see why:

Methadone is C21H27NO and buprenorphine is C29H41NO4 and I am going to write a few Opium components or alkaloids.

Opium consists of 25 to 50 alkaloids which are very important in repairing the neuron system and the X system.

These are only a few of them. If the experts in addiction treatment take a deep dive into a variety of opium alkaloids they will learn the potential of this magical substance in treatment.

OT consists of morphine so the drug user is not depressed during the treatment.

Papaverine will help to body to overcome premature ejaculation during the addiction treatment process.

OT is so diverse that we are not going to need any other medicine during the treatment period of 11 months. Now we have above 14000 individuals on DST with OT treatment and they are receiving this medicine from 300 clinics across the country.

They are not using any other type of medicine. I can go on and write a book about this issue!

And now the second question:

The second question stems from the experience in the U.S. where individuals maintained on methadone of buprenorphine experience heightened vulnerability for addiction relapse during the final stage of tapering from these medications or in sustaining recovery once this medication support has ended. The question I have been asked is if Congress 60 provides any special support for individuals during the final stages of OT support and the months that follow.

We must see how they are tapering off methadone or buprenorphine. On what doses and what time lapses.

How long it takes them to reach zero usage? These are keynotes that will be clarified when the DST article is published.

Remember that if a person is full he doesn't require food. If he is still hungry then he will crave eating for sure! If we somehow rebuild the X system or natural opioids of the body in the tapering process then the job is done! This person will not be hungry!

Congress 60 doesn’t provide any sort of support at the final stages because the person is completely cured at the final stages and there is no tangible craving.

I must emphasize again the key to addiction treatment is to rebuild the X system or the natural opioids of the body.

This letter is getting longer than expected so I must log off now. Do let me know if more explanation is needed regarding these questions.

Also, I would like to know how they measure the amount of methadone in the U.S?  And how many times a day patients use methadone.

Friends and brothers on heaven and earth forever


Your Comments


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