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The Inner Structure, a CD by Mr. Amin Dezhakam

The Inner Structure, a CD by Mr. Amin Dezhakam

A quote states “In the Hell, there are snakes from whose fear, people take refuge in scorpions, which means falling from the frying pan into the fire. It is such a horror. The hell can be “addiction” and a drug-consumer might approach sexual (addiction), simply because he wants to avoid drug addiction, or he might tend to gamble, in other words, he approaches another action (vice). That action has an attraction or potential and this new action helps him not to do the previous one; however, we do not take this as “treatment”. It is not treatment to claim I  do not consume drugs but I do many other (vicious) things.

We do not consider it as treatment. Now let’s see how these potentials work. They work just like the iron filings. They all do the same. It means until their material does not change, they will do whatever they were to. Our main model in this regard is the “City of Self” model. In this city, like a natural city, you can consider the vicious men as the iron filings or impure particles, each of whom has an irrational want.

The point is that these impure particles are intelligent and they know what to do. It means they have knowledge. They come and gather together. The first law is

posed here: everything absorbs something else; the cold nature pulls the cold and the hot nature attracts the hot (a verse by Rumi). The particles of the same material gather together. Based on our premise which states all the existence is placed in our existence, we can conclude that we are each a compressed world. And in this compressed world, the same particles with the same want get near each other and they gather together and the first law is carried out.

These gatherings cannot do anything important; however, if a more suitable circumstance is provided, these impure particles can form a system. They create a unified and comprehensive system which seeks a special purpose. I mean they are unified so that they can reach their want. They make a system which is called a “structure” in Congress 60. These structures might not have much power at first. To understand this point, consider Congress 60 as a structure, but a positive one. In this structure, the particles with the same want can gather together. In Congress 60, we gather together simply because our want was to treat our addiction and this want was very important to us. Therefore, we gathered and created a structure.

These structures become stronger and stronger, as time passes and as they do some jobs. The important point here is that we cannot see these impure particles and therefore, we cannot notice them. We do not know what they do but the impure particles do know what they are doing, when they gather together, they start doing some jobs. They have their own ways of doing their work and we can call these ways “tricks”. They try to take the control of Wisdom in one way or another. If they take the control of Wisdom and perform their own wants; their real work just starts. It means that thereafter their main job starts. Each human has a level of knowledge. Everyone can understand and react the matters based on their level of current knowledge. If the matters are more complicated than their knowledge, human beings are not able to do them (solve the problems).

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  • vahid L12 jahanbin

    Thanks to Mr. Amin Dejakam, I learned a lot from him, I hope to be a good pupil, and thanks to all the servant throughout the Congress 60