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Controlling the Sensitive Points

Controlling the Sensitive Points

Controlling the sensitive points
About the awakening of cells I must say that they have always been within you, and you should refer to yourself in your journey through the cold. You know that human being become unconscious gradually when exposed to extremely low temperatures, and slowly the vital systems of the body die and in some cases, death will be the eventual outcome. Now that you have begun your journey through the glacial, you must overcome these obstacles with careful planning and maximizing your conserved energies. These resources are evolving in your brain, and can help you in restoring your body. If the human being is on the highest position but does not know the right path, he would be facing a mountain of obstacles. Most people have very sensitive points which should be numbed if progress is to be made, or at least they should be under control, for example over eating and other things which you know. Gluttony is one of these bad habits that must be dealt with. Our great mentor, Sardar, will offer you more guidance on this matter. We hope that you complete this difficult journey successfully.

28/05/1997 Silver

In this message there is a reference to sexual energy or force; sexual instinct or tendency is one of the sleeping giants which will awake in and after treatment, especially after complete recovery from addiction. This energy must be used to restore and rebuild the body naturally.


Adopted from the book" Crossing the Zone 60 Degrees Below Zero" written by: Mr. Dezhakam

Translated by: Saeed Moeini

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