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Communications of Hossein and Bill ((Reply to Hossein - June 23, 2022)

Communications of Hossein and Bill ((Reply to Hossein - June 23, 2022)

Dear Hossein,

I am glad you share my communications with your family. I share with my wife the latest news I receive from you also. Like myself, she is quite inspired by the progress of Congress 60 and particularly the work of supporting families through the recovery process.

Our dear translator Ehsan was able to help me with the WhatsApp so that I will be able to view photos and videos in the future. The video of the university construction was amazing. The size of this building was beyond my expectations and stirred images of all the wonderful work that will be done there in the future.  Please do keep me posted on the progress. This is all so exciting. Only a few years ago, it would have been unthinkable to me to see a university rising from the ground that was devoted to the study and cure of addiction and related problems.  And it is even more amazing that this university is being created solely by the support of members of Congress 60. This will assure that you will be able to pursue research and education that is of imp-ort to Congress 60 and not have to be controlled by any outside entity.

Your reference to June 26 being International Day Against Drugs brought a smile to my face as that day is my 75th birthday. When I was a young child, for someone to reach 60 was thought to be quite old and here I am about to celebrate years beyond that. We are fortunate that advances in medicine and health have granted us these added years. I have lived long enough to witness things that would have been unthinkable even a few decades ago. I am pleased to know of the festivities planned by Congress 60 for this day. I look forward to your sharing photos of these events.

I continue to be involved in correcting some of the problems of transferring documents to my new website platform. I checked over the weekend and was pleased that all of the links to your writings and my papers on Congress 60 are working just fine. Some of the posted documents in other areas had broken links that we will be correcting in the coming days and weeks. This all involved far more time on my part that I was expecting, but it will be a source of great pleasure for me to see the work soon completed.

I have not communicated with Dr. Kolodner since our last communication but I am sure he is quite busy getting his new treatment program fully operational.

There is so much turmoil and conflict in the world at present that it is hard some days to feel the joy from important work we are doing to alleviate suffering and to see the hope rising from the transformed lives we have touched. We will continue to carry light to those living in darkness for we both remember the days when hope for such light was all that kept us alive.

Please extend my warmest regards to your family and my special thanks to all the members of Congress 60 who are supporting the work of the university.

Friends and Brothers Forever,


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