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The Third Valley

The Third Valley

“We should know that nobody is concerned as deeply as a human being for his true self.”

The Third Law
With the beginning of life in this valley, we have a fresh start. We hope that by observing nature you arrive at vast dimensions like musical sounds shine in your universe so that you be the key to your own recovery.
We know very well that if a person himself doesn’t search for the real subject, all the experts in the world can’t help him.
It is understood from the above that to overcome addiction we play the most important role and if we assume that addiction is an illness that others should cure it for us, we are making a big mistake. It is our own responsibility and we must think of a solution ourselves along with the support of our family and friends. If we have physical and sexual dysfunctions, it is because we have some unpaid debts as a result of our addiction, and we must settle this debt in a determined fashion and be strong against calamities that might come our way.
We must understand that our life has lacked awareness and now we have begun a conscious battle. In order for us to be victorious in this battle, we must recognize our strengths and the power of narcotics (negative forces). We shouldn’t underestimate the attraction of drugs and dark forces; they will be disguised in the most beautiful forms to enter our thoughts and once again enslave our wisdom. We must realize that the ultimate source of vice lies in material attachment and we must not be attached to any matter of any kind.
Narcotic or drug is a kind of substance (matter) which has damaged our life, sometimes libration from one might lead to dependency on another, such as sex, career, money and…we must act in a manner that they would be under our control, and not the other way around.
Moreover, we must note that since we have gradually increased our drugs, the reduction must also be gradual. Maybe some individuals like the Cold Turkey method and prefer the quick path. They must realize that patience and confidence are needed for a successful recovery and in due time they will hopefully attain the perfect balance (physically and mentally). This is almost impossible but doable. However, how many individuals have got the necessary strength to do such a thing? I will clarify this matter with an example: Let’s assume a big rock has blocked the path of a river and a strong current has gathered behind the rock which acts like a dam. Even if we are able to lift the rock instantly we mustn’t do so as the powerful current behind it can damage everything on its path and a destructive flood ensues. The logical solution has three stages:

a) Removal of the Rock
b) Controlling the water and reducing the current’s strength
c) Using the reserved water for irrigation

Now the proper approach is to start from a small area and gradually make the hole bigger and bigger so that small volumes of water flow out. Given enough time the water crushes the rock into smaller pieces and it is reduced to a stone which we can remove with one motion.

The conclusions derived from this valley:
a) We must take full responsibility
b) Overcome all the adversities as a payment to our addiction
c) Try to solve our own problem by contemplation


Source: The book "14 valleys" for Recovery" by: Mr. Hossein Dezhakam

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