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Communications of Hossein and Bill (Reply to Bill - June 4, 2022)

Communications of Hossein and Bill (Reply to Bill - June 4, 2022)

June 4, 2022

Dear Bill,

I hope you are doing well, I am fine.

I am so happy to see that you have planned for our work to be transferred to future generations. This is derived from your wisdom, Please accept my appreciation.

The articles publishment is ongoing and we are awaiting our Covid19 article.

The magazines that published our articles asked us for a separate article on the DST method itself. This article was sent today (the 4th of June).

The healing traits of D.Sap is being revealed to us step by step and we are learning that this magical substance not only protected us against Covid 19 but also helped our members with a variety of illnesses since It is anti-inflammatory and anti-infection. I was also able to produce a skin cream with apple which is not that expensive and it can compete with the best creams quality-wise.

There was a factory beside my farm (4000 meters square and 2800 meters of buildings) which was producing olive oil and they wanted to sell it. I bought the place and I want to utilize it to produce D. Sap for the whole community and perhaps to export it in the future.

My dear friend, I just mentioned this to tell you that I will never consider myself retired. I will live as I will live forever and also as today is my last day on this planet.

I haven't received any answer to my latest communication from Dr. George.

I wanted to share the latest William White legion statistics with you (The statistics are about men legions combined with a 10 percent of women legions)

The total number of William White legions as of now: 290

The number of smoking cessation since the beginning of the new year: 5626 individuals

The number of active individuals in the smoking cessation process: 3200 individuals

Although the number of relapses is very very low within Congress 60,%88 relapses are those who continued smoking after addiction treatment completion.

As you can recall those who complete their treatment must come to the Academy branch to receive the final confirmation from me. Sometimes people travel 1500 kilometers from other cities! Relatives and friends alongside their guide must accompany him. This is like a fun trip for them and sometime they must wait 2 hours in a queue to reach me!

They are bringing all sorts of gifts for me!  
We were busy with the articles so I may have missed answering some of the questions. Please let me know if any question is still unanswered.

Friends and brothers on heaven and earth forever


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