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The Power of Free Will and Potency of Human Being

The Power of Free Will and Potency of Human Being

The power of free will and potency of human
The topic of the third valley:
“No creature comes into existence without a purpose; none of us is insignificant even if we think of ourselves as that”.
One of the important challenges for the most of intellectual and philosophical doctrines is the subject of cCreation, making conversation and pondering over it, and each of these docterines has touched upon this matter (Creation) in their own way.
It should be known that these doctrines have expressed their own particular opinions and comments, and this short paper is not to criticise, confirm or reject these docterines but in the book of “Love”, Creation is defined in this way: it is an organization and institution in which everything is carefully planned and controlled at all the times and it is supervised by a Superior Force.
With this definition, everything becomes clear and our task is determined; That is, in the first stage we know we are  all creatures, and this means that we do not own anything and have not created anything. According to Master Amin in Younes CD, man is not the owner of his possessions; rather blessings are given to him and all creatures. Human and every creature owns what they have created. According to these definitions and with regard to the first part of the title of the second valley, “No creature comes into existence without a purpose” we realize that all of God's creations were created for a specific purpose and have order; therefore, they must pursue a goal.
All creatures from inanimate objects, plants, animals, and even insects and humans are in the same chain and must act according to the plan. None of them should and can not deviate from it, and they are always busy praising and glorifying God. This shows that we were not really created without purpose and we must do our obligations properly. If it were not like this, we would not have been created and we would not have been given any responsibility to be accountable for, and this is a clear reason why every creature is purposeful.

In the rest of the valley, it is stated none of us is insignificant even if we think of ourselves as that.
All creatures accomplish their tasks in the best possible way without any mistakes or thinking, with the ultimate precision and delicacy.
Among all creatures, human has the power of authority and intellect, and this is where the problems start; because other beings are aware of their existence and the performance of their duties and do not think, whereas human with the power of reason and intellect can think whether to do something or not or how to do it. But sometimes he suffers from forgetfulness. He can step in the right or wrong direction. The outbreak of some wars, crises, disturbances in the world order and environmental pollution are all effects of human greed.
Understanding this subject requires more contemplation over the first valley that states “All structures begin with contemplation; without contemplation, all that exist will decline” because it’s obvious the first step to genesis or creation is a thought and that thought is the beginning of Creation.
To reach the destination of peace, comfort and balance and the command of reason, we must contemplate, and duties must also be accomplished. Contemplation is an inner movement to reach from the unknown to the known. In other words, our contemplation leads and controls our behaviour, i.e. positive thinking leads to positiove behaviour and negative thinking leads to negative behaviour.
Our current situation in terms of speech, action, and worldview shows us in what direction we have taken and what fate we have determined for ourselves. Human being is either moving with wrong thoughts and moving in the direction of anti-values or with right thoughts and moving in the direction of values.
It should be noted that moving in both directions will make our responsibility more difficult; because if we are on the path of perversions and negative forces, we must move towards values with the right thinking and effort, or if we are on the path of rightness and virtues, we must remain steadfast in the same path.
Translated by traveler Ali H.
Written by Companion Zari, Academy Branch of Congress 60

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