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Communications of Hossein and Bill (Reply to bill- May 1, 2022)

Communications of Hossein and Bill (Reply to bill- May 1, 2022)

Dear Bill,

May 1, 2022

I hope you are fine, I am very well.

Every day I am busy with cooking and I enjoy it a lot. I have even made some new modifications to cooking some dishes that I would have written about it given I had time!

I am so delighted that our legacy will survive on your website. Your website is a treasure that must be kept for coming generations.

My condolences for your sister’s passing. Her great name will survive. Our elders say:

“One who felt love shall never die”

As you are aware I had many presentations regarding a variety of cancers but the sum of them will be printed in scientific magazines.

Since our articles were special and unbelievable (I am an engineer who says let’s use Opium to cure cancer!) we were asked rightfully to present many proofs and pieces of evidence.

Anyway, In less than one month, three articles (Covid-19, Blood cancer, and, curing meth with Opium) will be published in the research square section of a scientific magazine.

I believe with these three articles a new gate will be opened to not only curing addiction but also other illnesses.

You expressed your concern about using the DST method without its recovery structure in the U.S. I believe if they start using the DST method the recovery procedures will follow inevitably.

The DST method with opium and without recovery components will yield at least %50 results.

The DST method with Methadone will give us %20 Let’s not forget not using Opium will not provide a very good balance.

If they utilize the DST method with OT in the United States then they will be ready to use any type of recovery that they see fit.

Now the questions:

About those who enter Congress 60 with prescribed psychiatric medicines? Will they continue to use it during the DST treatment?

We must pay attention to this point that OT is completely different than other addiction treatment meds like Methadone and Buprenorphine. OT is a complete package of 25 to 50 alkaloids. For instance: Morphin (between 3 to %23) is for bringing ecstasy and is a pain reliever, Codein(between 0.3 to %3) Is being highly used, or protopine which is an alkaloid to stable the heartbeat and many other alkaloids that are related to the psyche and the immunity system of the body.

I believe all the methods of addiction treatment whether with medicine or without medicine are wrong. In fact, there is no viable treatment for addiction and that is why they are using the “sobriety” word.

Today’s psychiatric medicines are like walking sticks or in some cases wheelchairs for those who are not able to walk! We must cure them so they can walk! On the other hand, The DST method with OT is to rebalance the X system. At the beginning of treatment, they use walking sticks (OT) but their legs are being cured and at some point, the travelers feel that the walking sticks are no longer needed!

In other words, OT will replace other psychiatric medicines gradually and slowly ( 3 months) and then all these medicines will be tapered off since these medicines will prevent the curing of the X system.

During the past 24 years, we have cured more than 45,000 individuals who are not using any medicine anymore and all related documents are available.

Dear Bill,

We can easily cure psychiatric patients with the DST method and OT but I have stopped it to avoid any legal problems.

Sometimes I see some officials on TV who are using psychiatric medicine and they even hallucinate while speeching! I can cure them with the DST method and OT!

I am eagerly waiting for three articles (blood cancer, Covid, and addiction).

The lab is ready now and we will start experiments on breast cancer with OT on rats soon.

Do inform me of Alisha’s status. I include her in my prayers.

Friends and brothers on heaven and earth forever


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