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An Interview with Mr. Kamran Sharifian, the Watchman of Congress60

An Interview with Mr. Kamran Sharifian, the Watchman of Congress60

In the name of God, the Absolute Power

  • Greetings and respect to all of you, dear readers, especially members of the large family of Congress 60. Congratulations to all of you dear ones on the “Watchman Week”, and on the occasion of the presence of the respected watchman, Mr. Kaamran Sharifian in the Dr. Arabzadeh branch, we decided to take a few minutes of his time and benefit from his experience.

  • My warmest salutation and respect to the esteemed Foundation of Congress 60, welcome, and congratulations to you on the occasion of the watchers’ week. As my first question, would you please introduce yourself as common in Congress60?

Mr. Kamran: Hello friends, I am Kamran, a traveler, I used the anti-Xes like opium, opium extract, and alcohol, with the DST method and opium tincture as the medicine, my treatment process lasted for 18 months under the guidance of my dear guide, Mr. Khodami. I am liberated from drug addiction for fourteen years and three months. Then I started the nicotine treatment process with the DST method and oral nicotine, I have been liberated for 9 years and 2 months. My sport in Congress60 is Volleyball.

  • Please tell us how you became familiar with Congress60.

Mr. Kamran: I had looked for a way to cure my addiction for about ten years, and unfortunately, I quit it many times, and the last time I could withstand lasted for about one year while having a bad mood and I had a relapse all the time being in a bad condition. Until early 2005, I realized that my wife had become familiar with Congress60 and Mr. Dezhakam in a magazine. I do not remember the name of the magazine but surely it was related to addiction treatment. By searching on the internet we became more familiar with Mr. Dezhakam and his activities. Then, we started our correspondence with him and he gave us some solutions. After a phone call with him in September of 2005 and with his guidance I became familiar with Congress60, which had just been started in Isfahan. It was only God’s grace that made us enter Congress60 this way.

  • Mr. Sharifian, do you have any memories of your first travel (treatment process), which can be an experience for us as well?

Mr. Kamran: Yes, of course. I remember that when I entered Congress60, I had attempted to quit drugs many times, I had gone to different centers, and I had met different people who claimed treatment. They all led us down the primrose path and none of them were useful. After a while, I saw that all the talks were nothing but lies. In short, I came to Congress60 with all these failures and experiences, it is natural that a person who has experienced these events will hardly believe that there is a way to be definitively cured. I always thought that one day I could eliminate this issue from my life altogether, and a heartfelt belief was always with me, but I never knew how. Until when I entered Congress60 and about a few months later those negative views were gradually removed from my mind and I forgot about those previous failures, and little by little my trust was regained and it was in early 2006 that I came to Mr. Khodami and told him, “Mr. Ali! I surrender to you.” At that time, protocols were not yet developed as they are now, and treatment was performed experimentally by guides. I had two guides, one as a treatment guide and another one as my worldview guide. This occurred to me that I could not be like a pigeon with two dovecotes and that I should be in one place. From the moment I told the truth and I surrendered; as soon as I carried out my guide's commands, all good things started to happen and I felt better and better, and even my commute to Shahrekord every other day did not bother me. Interestingly, restrictive forces were still on my way during this time, but I moved with a lot of determination which made me stay in Congress60.

  • Mr. Sharifian, as you said, the mere surrender and obedience of a pupil can be very effective in improving his/her physical and mental condition, and how beautifully you stated this point. Mr. Sharifian, considering that you are the watchman of Congress 60, please tell us about your responsibility and what you have learned from serving in this position?

Mr. Kamran: My responsibility in the council of watchmen was to compile the rules of Congress60, which, thank God, was done successfully. Since 2005, we have collected and classified all the approvals of the Watchmen’s and the Assistants’ Council, as well as the rules and regulations Mr. Dezhakam stated on Wednesdays. And I think that in May 2021 it was collected as a book that, if I am not mistaken, was divided into about 21 chapters and included about 800 rules of Congress60. It was a very big move. Interestingly, all these rules are being implemented in all workshops and positions. We hope that in the future with the permission of Mr. Dezhakam and in any way he deems appropriate, it will be available to the members.
And this process continues. On Wednesdays, we collect the words of Mr. Dezhakam and the subjects he announces in the form of rules. They are collected regularly so that, God willing, they will be available to the members in the future.

Regarding the second point of your question, I have to say that one thing that can improve our movement and performance in Congress60 is to obey the rules and to move accordingly. I have always given the example that if a physician makes a mistake and something bad happens consequently, it may hurt one person, but in Congress60, when we are dealing with a lot of people and their fate which is left to Congress60 and we are their trustees. Thus we have to be very careful. We should act prudently in any place we are. In Congress60, we pledge to act flawlessly and in my opinion, this is a very heavy burden with a lot of responsibilities to which we should pay a lot of attention. I myself review my own pact from time to time and I remind myself not to forget the importance of the job.
It is true that in Congress60, we are told to consider the triangle of work, family, and Congress60; but I would say the priority of those who make a pact in each of the service positions should be Congress60. If they become a Border Guard, Congress60 should be their priority for 14 months. It should be the same if they are Guides, o Agents.
Because the task of saving human beings in Congress60 has been given to us by God, and we are responsible for it. I hope we can perform our responsibilities flawlessly and completely.

  • Dear Master, have you ever been tired of your responsibilities due to the busy schedule and complexities of your current service, or have you said to yourself that if you were in another position, you might have been more comfortable? If your answer is negative, please state the reason?

 Mr. Kamran: You see, doing the right thing always pushes a person forward and high. It means the more we do correctly in our responsibilities, the more energy we receive to move and continue on the path. We get an energy store that can help us along the way. I think there is no such thing as boredom in Congress60 at all because all members serving in Congress60 is being slaked from a source called love. It may be a little more or less, but do not forget that a sip of love can intoxicate a person for a long time, so fatigue will mean nothing to him anymore. I emphasize that if I do my duties right, I will not feel tired anymore, because when you see the result of the work creating passion, joy, and liberation in human beings, then one forgets themselves. When this happens in Congress60 and we know we have a small share in these good events, we do not feel tired at all.

  • It is interesting that before I asked you what your driving force in this path of service was, you yourself said that love and making happiness in humans’ hearts can give the best strength and energy to human beings.
  • Mr. Sharifian, please tell us the first thing that comes to your mind shortly and concisely after hearing the following words and phrases,

1: Mr. Dejakam?
…..(Silence, with  a lump in his throat)
2: Service?
-practice giving love 
3: Watchmen?
-If I want to say that they are the pillars of Congress60, people might say I am bragging, but, as Mr. Dezhakam interprets it, I say the pillars of Congress60. 
4: The Secret of Existence?
  -Again, to give love
5: The Master Key:
-Being human,


  • Dear Master, we will not take your precious time anymore, and if you have a word or advice as the last word, please?

I always say that there is no last word, I say that in Congress60, the last word is meaningless. The word is always the first word. Mr. Dezhakam gives us all the instructions. Every day and every week, he gives us a new word, new lessons, and advice, as if we have to start all over again and with each lesson. We realize that we should start a new move, and a new line opens in front of us. I hope we can pass our courses well and learn the best homework of our lives in the best way and use the true alphabet of Congress60 decently. Let us use the true instructions of Congress 60 properly and, by putting this alphabet together, form the true words in our lives and move well on this beautiful path.

  • Again, I would like to thank you on behalf of all the members of Congress60, especially the members of Dr. Arabzadeh branch, for giving us your precious time.

Prepared by: Traveler Morteza Pishyar
Translated by: Traveler Azad
Reviewed by: Companion Marjan

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    congratulation watchman's week. Dear Master I found a way to cure addiction through you in congress 60. Wishing good Health for you and your family.