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I feel calm among other members of Congress60

I feel calm among other members of Congress60


  • Please introduce yourself as common in Congress60.

Hello friends. I am Babak a traveler. I joined Congress60 with 14 years of destruction. My treatment process lasted for 13 months and 24 days, with the DST method and Opium Tincture as medicine, under the guidance of Mr. Mohammad Sedaghat, my sport is Futsal, and I am liberated from addiction for 11 years and 9 months. I have also been a Nicotine traveler, under the guidance of Mr. Dezhakam, and I am liberated from Nicotine for 9 years. 


  • Please tell us what your opinion is about Watchman’s week and the duties of a Watchman in Congress60.

We have 4 or 5 different ceremonies in a year dedicated to different roles in Congress60 to remind us there are different positions in Congress60 and they are to help a traveler on their first travel or a substance abuser to get the treatment and achieve liberation, all together, and to remind us how important the roles of Guides, Border-Guards, Agents, Companions, and Watchmen are in Congress60. If we were supposed to have ceremonies for all the roles and positions in Congress60, we could have ceremonies every week in a year since there are a lot of people helping an individual in the path to treatment, and there are lots of different positions in Congress60 as well. Knowing these special roles as a symbol of different positions in Congress60 is to show that in Congress60 different roles help people shoulder to shoulder to get out of the darkness they have stuck in and reach the light of knowing themselves and then addiction treatment. Watchman Week is not different from the other 4 ceremonies. It aims to show us how people are serving others in different positions and to teach us how we should serve others in the same way. 


  • Why Mr. Dezhakam compares the Watchmen to the pillars of Congress60?

If we look back to the first days of Congress60, we will see how Watchmen worked for hand in hand from those days until now, with all their power, to help Congress60 grow and evolve. Referring to Mr. Dezhakam’s words, Congress60 will run with human resources, knowledge, and finances. We have an unlimited sea of knowledge from Mr. Dezhakam and his masters. About the finances, thank God that we had support since the very beginning of Congress60 starting with very small amounts of money, and today we are at a point where we can build a four-story university building in Qeshm Island, in an area of more than 10 thousand square meters, as the first specialized university in addiction treatment around the world. Speaking about skilled human resources, I think in the first place, we should mention Watchmen. When we want to stand up a ceiling, we need pillars, the same way for keeping Congress60 up, we need Watchmen with special roles that each of them plays in Congress60. I hope someday I can play such a role in Congress60.

  • What are the requirements for serving in the congress of 14 Watchmen?

Watchmen are selected from the members who have been serving loyally in Congress60 for a long time. They should have served in different roles and positions and have no concerns but educating themselves and others and growing and evolving Congress60. Positions won’t be granted to people who are looking for them; it means that if I am looking forward to becoming a watchman, becoming a border guard, I will lose eligibility for being granted those positions. Watchmen are chosen from individuals who tried their best to treat others with love, carry out whatever they have learnt, and be the first to serve other people. All the watchmen that I know from the past and present have these competencies. In the end, I wish I can get this position someday as well. Thank you.
There is a triangle for serving individuals in Congress60, with three equal sides of the family, work, and Congress60. I want to know if it applies to watchmen, too?
When there is a triangle to help a person to get balanced, it applies to everyone, from Mr. Dezhakam to any other individuals, there’s no exception. This is a desirable limit that is set for achieving balance, but given that thinking is a relative factor, the question is to what extent each of us has been able to get balanced and establish it. So this is personal and it happens differently for everyone.


  • As the Guardian of the OT council, what duties do you have and what is your role as a Watchman?

I am honored to be the Guardian of the OT council in Congress60. This section has been managed by a council in Congress60 for years. Everybody has a duty, one is in charge of the follow-up section of the entire Congress60, another is in charge of all branches, someone for clinics, and a person in charge of newcomers. I am proud to be the Guardian of the council in which Mr. Dezhakam allowed me to serve. It means that I should observe the performance of all people in this council, and I am doing my best to do so. I should say that I just observe them, and other members of the council do the main service. Thanks to all the OT staff, because it's their good service that makes me not do anything special and just be an observer.
Congress60 has had the public relations section for some time. If anybody from other organizations and sectors wants to communicate with us, or if any member of Congress60 needs to negotiate with anyone outside congress60, the public relations section should be informed. Thank God we have an agent of public relations in every branch, city, and province. I am in charge of the DST legions stationed at the 37 clinics throughout the country. Apart from the branches of Congress60, we have a legion in each clinic to treat addiction.

  • Please tell us how you feel about the service you do in Congress60.

In Congress60, every moment that you serve other people, you will enjoy and learn something at the same time. This is my greatest achievement here. when I am in Congress60, I feel calm among other members. I experience love between others. I learn how we can live together with good vibes, with positive energy, and learn things from each other.


  • At the end of the conversation, if you have any specific comments, please state them.

I wish you all luck and success, and I ask God for the dynamism for all the branches of Congress60 in Mashhad.


Translated by: Traveler Arash M
Reviewed by: Companion Marjan


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