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The First Valley and its Effect on Me

The First Valley and its Effect on Me

The ninth session of the 75th  round of  Congress 60 workshops in the Academy branch of Congress 60 was administered on April 6th, 2022 at 09:30 a.m. by Mr. Amin  Dezhakam as the guest speaker and Ms. Farkhonde as the secretary. The agenda was “the First Valley and its Effect on Me”.

Happy Ramadan to you. I hope we can have a good Ramadan. When we want to do something, we have to measure our ability to see what we can do. A commander fails when he does not know the level of power of his army. He may have wrong information about the war and the power of the enemy. The commander must get and know enough information about the army to improve the situation of the army. If the commander due to his pride arrogantly says I determine everything, if he acts like a dictator to prove what he says is right, then with his wrong decisions everything goes wrong. If we have weak pupils and we tell them to run five kilometers a day, while they have not run even for 100 meters before, then the made decision ruins everything.

For any change, first, you have to teach the matter, then you declare what you want, then we warn the pupil (if they do not act according to requirements) and at last we punish, everything must happen gradually. When we do not estimate the power and the ability of the cells (of the body) or the army, we make a wrong decision.
We have two types of energy: the potential energy which makes the construction, and the kinetic energy which deals with the dynamic energy of the structure. These two make the total energy. A good dealer spends the kinetic energy and not the potential energy, the potential energy is used only in a critical situation. Then, investment means to change the kinetic energy to potential energy and therefore, in life, in business, in creating a family, there is a maxim, which is I have to use the created energy and some part of that energy must be invested as well. [We are not allowed to spend the potential energy but only for critical situations].
Creating energy leads to prosperity but when we are spending our energy, we have to know if this prosperity comes from a kinetic energy or potential one. If the potential energy has changed into the kinetic one, then we have lost our energy.
Sometimes, it is said in a country a president has done well and made many job opportunities. However, we have to see how these job opportunities are made: by violating the rules of environment or by making real and proper opportunities. It is obvious that by ruining the jungles or burning lots of coal, you can easily make some jobs, but you have to know you have made progress with flames of fire. Consequently, this prosperity coming from violating the rules is not real progress.
If a coach gives intensified orders and the players do the commands, then the players will be hurt. Because the coach has used the potential energy and after a while, there will be no energy for the players. Because the velocity of taking energy must be set according to the energy produced.

We have to apply what we know to ourselves first. We do not use worldview instructions for others [to measure others and see if they act right or wrong]. If we do so, we will not succeed. Sometimes in my life, I did everything together and I had to consume lots of energy only because I thought I was able to do them. I tried for 20 years to know I have to stop consuming my whole energy. The potential energy must be only used for critical situations, and a wise teacher is a person who increases knowledge and as a result the kinetic energy will increase and this energy is used for the pupils’ life and some of this energy is saved for the structure and as a result peace comes to the life.
Thank you for listening to me.
Translated by Elahe

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    thanks to Mr. Amin Dezhakam an all the servants of the english site congress 60, may god blessing you