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Wednesdays' Workshops: The 10th Valley and its Effect on Me

Wednesdays' Workshops: The 10th Valley and its Effect on Me

The fifth session of the 74th  round of  Congress 60 workshops in the Academy branch of Congress 60 was administered on November 17th, 2021 at 9:30 a.m. by Mr.   Dezhakam as the guest speaker and Ms. Fateme as the secretary. The agenda was “The 10th Valley and its Effect on Me”.


The Tenth Valley
He possesses much erudition                  knowledge of self, he lacks
He knows each quintessence          awareness of his quintessence, he lacks

Human being past attributes don’t remain the same because he is constantly changing.
All of a sudden there is an uprising in the city of existence, but after a while the breeze of the supreme power rules the entire town, health and prosperity returns once again and you will gain more benefit. All our friends send their regards and are grateful to God and the guardians who make the unions possible so that everything in the universe enjoys the divine mercy.  Friends in your domicile, feel this trend and evolution with affection every moment. Those who become mesmerized with the mercy of the supreme power will be elevated, however those who are busy pleasure seeking will have no share. You know what I’m talking about, four legged animals that are looking for extra legs in order to stay firmly on earth; however they don’t know that it is easy to prostrate to God without hands and legs, it only needs heart’s longing which they are far from. Like the blind people they are searching for night in the middle of the day. He, who has to know, knows and does what The Truth commands.  Friends are worshiping the lord by dancing in the sky and playing Daf (a Persian frame drum used in celebrations and spiritual ceremonies) in a trance like celebration.
An intoxicated group of lovers are grateful for the divine wine.

How beautiful this law is, how great it is and what a magical meaning it carries within! Yes, human being past attributes don’t remain the same because, he is constantly changing.
This valley or law or path is like a sharp sword; it simultaneously warns and gives hope, it refers to both falling and rising, it is life and death at the same time and generally it demonstrates the forgiveness, compassion, and generosity of the supreme power in the path of mankind. It leaves the lines of free will beautifully in the hands of man so that he would draw up his life as he so desires and shows him that at the end of each stage there is a new beginning. All people are capable of changing regardless of where they are and what attributes they possess, even the worst sinners, and those who have committed horrific crimes.
No one has to carry and keep all his or her cruel and horrible attributes eternally. Nobody has to remain in hell forever; even if someone is at the lowest levels of hell he has free will and can mend his ways so that lord’s mercy is bestowed upon him, the path to salvation is always open.

The only creature who can change themselves is human being. The human being is allowed to do whatever they want and act as they wish. If they want to lie, they were allowed and if they want to go to the right path and do righteously they are allowed to do so.
In other NGOs, they believe that human beings are not changeable; however, I claimed and believed that human being can change themselves. Even those individuals who are very cruel and evil-doers can come out of the well (of evils) and change themselves.
Nothing occurs  outside, the only person who can help you, is you. Psychiatric pills do not work for you. Do not eat lots of pills. Do you really think that these pills help you? You are frustrated, and you have to change yourself.  There are many bad characteristics to you, hatred, hopelessness, and etc. You have to change yourself so that you become peaceful. In this valley, we have to learn that we can change. We have to learn that no one can help us more than ourselves.  We have to beware that the only person who can bring them peace, is themselves. When we cannot forgive others, when we lie, when we have hatred in us, we are entangled in psychosomatic diseases. It means our thinking is faulty and this cannot be cured by pills, but with acting  on the right path.
No one is obliged to be in hell forever, if a person wants to get rid of hell, they can; no one can take our responsibility. We have to take this responsibility of our own changing and then others can help us. If you are depressed, no one can help you. Others only can show the way to us, even other people can show the wrong path and we have to think whether this path is right or not and then we have to select the best path.
Companions in Congress 60 are sportswomen and because of coronavirus we could not give them their rewards. Now I want Mrs. Monire to come and read the report.
Mrs. Monire: 26 branches of Congress 60 participated in these sports and now I want them to come and receive their rewards.

Translated by Elahe

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