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It is not possible to achieve science without writing.

It is not possible to achieve science without writing.

On Saturday, September 27th, 2021, after holding a public workshop by Master Amin Dezhakam, the respected Worldview Watchman, we had a conversation with him. The present report is the text of this interview, which was prepared by the efforts of the Academy Blog Group and the Border Guards of the Academy branch. We thank Mr. Amin Dezhakam for the opportunity that he gave us.


  • Question: Dear Master, Where and when did your interest in worldview begin?

When I was 10 or 12 years old, it was said that whoever knew the great name of GOD would be given everything and could do whatever he wanted. In elementary school, I heard the fact that there is such a thing as self-analysis and I got familiar with it. Then I started to study history in middle school. I was interested in the history of the tribes and I wanted to know what happened and what caused them to die out or progress. In my first and second years of high school, I was focused on worldview issues, and these questions were interesting to me. By the end of high school, these issues became more and more prominent. During my university years, at the same time as Mr. Dezhakam’s liberation from addiction, a light shone on our lives. All these events and the discovery of the DST method by Mr. Dezhakam made the worldview serious to me. The cases might have become serious in 1997 and 1998. I was in college, and the connection between the laws of physics and worldview issues slowly aroused my curiosity and made me look for more connections.


  • Question: will you tell us how writing a CD affects a person, and what is the difference between listening to it and writing?

There is a verse in the Holy Quran that reads: "I swear to Pen". It raises an important issue here. It reads that there is a unique individual power and an individual ability in the pen. Because God swears to things that are fundamental and very important. Sometimes when you say something to someone they may not understand it, but writing the content causes them to understand it better. For example, when someone goes to primary school, if the teacher didn’t write the letters on the board, no one would learn even if S/he explained it a hundred times. It is not possible to achieve science without writing. This is something inherent in learning and must be portrayed and shaped. It is a great idea to transcribe the CD content without any changes. We say it should be written from A to Z . There are several benefits in writing completely. Mr. Dezhakam has also explained it many times. One's handwriting gets better. they get rid of laziness and get more tidy and organized. Dictation errors are eliminated. they learn more words. It makes them improve their literacy. Writing causes them to learn quickly. Little by little they find good taste in everything. their memory will gradually be improved. Then they slowly manage to memorize the sentences. He can memorize and write a line or two, and these are the reconstructions that are happening in this issue. In my opinion, by writing, another level of understanding occurs. There is a series of topics that unfolds for human beings by writing.


  • Question: Somewhere you said that in addition to take part in a sport, a balanced person should be active in an art field. Please explain about the status of art and its importance for human beings.

I have experienced this in my own life and I had said that based on what happened to me. I assumed that what would happen if there was no sport and art in my life? Maybe I would be disappointed too soon. Maybe I stopped a lot of times, either I got a serious physical illness or for example, depression and other issues. A strong body gives up late. It gets disappointed late. Suppose a building is caught fire. Someone can pull themselves out of the fire and be strong and another one cannot. A person can keep himself up for three minutes while another person cannot.  A person can hold his breath under water for two minutes, while another person cannot hold his breath even for ten seconds. A man cannot run a hundred meters whereas another man can run ten kilometers. Well, these are different from each other. As this physical power manifests itself during a visible event such as a fire, war, or accident, there are invisible forms in which they can get involved, too, and their inner strength is shown as well, perhaps even more stronger than the visible war. They will fail if they are not physically fit. Exercise strengthens the body and art can refine the painful emotions and feelings that cause grief.  Someone who is a very good painter, for example, sits down when they are upset, paints for an hour or two, and gets relaxed. This is like a safety valve. But a person who does not have these valves is like an autoclave without any valves and explodes due to problems.


  • Question: God has set the rules and has prepared a situation for human progress and movement.  Will you tell me what the position of praying in the meantime is? How can expressing or not expressing a desire to God affect our lives and conditions?

You see, when God answers our questions in Holy Quran we can cite it.  It reads: " Call upon Me, I will respond to you", and again reads that if it was not for your praying, the Lord would not have paid any attention to you. When you ask God for something, it means you believe in Him. When someone does not ask God for something, he does not actually accept and believe in him at all. The relationship between God and a person who does not believe in Him is weakened. A small child will not be fed if he does not cry. Although God understands us, asking help from Him is a sign to take their relationship into account. Everything has a price. Love has a price. If you want to support your family, you have to pay for it. Parent-child relationships cost a lot and need love and attention. Thus to maintain everything we need to accept its costs. Now we have to accept the costs of a relationship with God. He does not need us. This is our needs. When I do not say anything to God, that bond and connection do not form. God has determined this, and we reckon the reason behind it. But the important thing is that God has created the issue (of praying). Perhaps one of the reasons is for man to understand this connection. If man didn’t say anything, didn’t accept it and his request wouldn´t be granted, then they would not understand this connection.
We cannot see God. So how can we get to know God? It happens when you ask God for something and you get an answer. This relationship leads to cognition. It is like a radar. You send a wave, it goes, it hits an obstacle, and it comes back. Then you realize there is something ahead. This is the reflection on the radar screen that tells you an object is approaching. Prayer is like the radar system in which man forms his relationship with God. If you do decent things, praying and talking to God will strengthen your bond and heart.

  • Question: What should we do in the pandemic Covid-19 to strengthen ties with Congress 60 and travelers.

There are two main reasons why travelers lose contact with Congress 60.  The first includes not working on the basic worldview materials, it means that travelers have not been fully trained and we limit ourselves to the weekly agenda, for example, the weakly CD, but not completely. The content of the valleys, the Cds related to the book and the worldview pamphlets should be taught and practiced well. They include basic information. If they are not practiced in the legions, nothing happens. You see, it is the worldview that maintains a traveler.

Guides must teach two CDs a week, one of the previous ones and another of the weakly CDs. One of the new instructions presented every week by Mr. Dezhakam and another of the previous ones, these CDs need to be practiced. This is the very essence of the subject. The guide may ignore some points to make the pupils stay in Congress 60. Although this can happen due to strictness, there are more unfavorable results in ignoring their responsibilities.
Another issue is that we should not restrict ourselves to the branch; that is to say, the best and most efficient legions and guides were not of those who just attended the workshops and the legion, that is all. As you look at the veterans in Congress 60, they have not limited themselves to public workshops. The guide himself is active. The pupils of a guide who does exercises do exercises, too. A guide who does different services can induce and persuade his students to give services. This guides’ activeness is completely transmitted to the pupils. The pupils of a guide who goes to the gym follow him/her because of the essence of the guide. It is in these cycles that a traveler becomes acquainted with different services and, in fact, with different juices (pleasure of different forms of serving).
A pupil feels the energy and feeling lying in Laleh Park´s morning meeting. S/he goes to other branches, meets other travelers and their spirits rise.
In the case of Covid-19, thank God, Congress60 has been blessed by God so far, and God willing will be blessed in the future, and Mr. Dezhakam has provided favorable conditions for us with his planning, DSAP program, and Covid-19 treatment method. I think if Covid-19 continues the same situation, we will continue like the last two years and we will grow the same as before. Of course, God willing, the situation will improve and it will not be like this. We hope the disease will be weakened outside Congress 60 and it will be restrained so that other people will be got rid of these issues and Congress 60 will be speeded up.

  • Question: How do you know if a poem or an art work is appropriate? What is your criterion for choosing an artwork or poetry?

Two or three factors are important to me in poetry or film or artwork. One of them is the content; I mean, what is it saying? What is its message? What truth is he telling? This was also mentioned in the CD “Art” parts 1 and 2. Art should express a truth. The soul of the subject is important to me whether it is a piece of art, poetry or anything else.

One might describe a flower so beautifully. Finally, they have made a beautiful description. But another one narrates or tells a story that includes a lot of content.
Another factor is the path of the work or poem. Its atmosphere should not be dark, or if it is, it should move from darkness to light. It is not desirable for me if it moves from darkness to darkness or from light to darkness. However, taste plays a role, and everyone has their own interests or tastes.

We are grateful to Master Amin Dezhakam, the respectful Worldview Watchman who as always has given of his knowledge and time patiently and kindly.

Prepared by: Traveller Ali Reza

Translated by: Companion Azam

Revised by: Companion Marjan

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    mr amin you play a key role in my life iam realy honer can use that your informtion and your knowledge ,you have always given us the best soltion to our problems

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