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Mr. Dezhakam has written several books on treatment of drug addiction and human’s psyche. Some of the titles are:

These books have been translated into English and have recieved a warm reception internationally, specially in the United States where they have been posted on williamwhitepapers.com The great news is they will soon become available to worldwide audiences in the international section of Faces & Voices of Recovery, a prestigious web-site and a frontrunner in the field of recovery.
Mr. Hossein Dezhakam in an interview with IRNA: Humor has an attractive and magnificent language
“Plays must be written in the public interest. Sometimes, we write plays for our colleagues. I think everyone who wants to write a play and bring it on the stage, at first thinks of the reviewers and their points of view to see if it keeps up with world standards and particular styles.”
Recovery Community Organization Leadership
For more than a decade, I have regularly corresponded with Mr. Hossein Dezhakam (HD), founder of the Congress 60 recovery community within the Islamic Republic of Iran ...
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Occlusive colitis, Crohn's diseases were not experienced in Iran about thirty years ago because of rich nutrition we had.
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Traveler Mehrdad: I have to know that Congress60 is not just a place, it is a worldwide attitude. As a member of Congress60, I have to try to run the Congress60’s sanctity, rules, and training in any circumstance even in cyberspace.
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Mr. Amin Dezhakam points out that having a calm sleep requires a calm mind which appears when the brainwaves frequencies lower down. He specifically asserts that anger is the key cause of insomnia.
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If bribery and other bad traits are supposed to be eliminated from society, they must first be eliminated from me as one of the constituents of society.
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Planting trees is not just planting seedlings. It is very important to keep, water, and raise them. If the tree dries, we have to plant two seedlings next year. It means that we will try more to achieve our goals and we won’t be disappointed
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In cigarette treatment like addiction treatment, we should work on three parts including physiology, psyche, and worldview simultaneously. People will not stop smoking unless their worldview changes. Anyone who wants to quit smoking must reach a high level of awareness.
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We have previously passed a path and reached the city of addiction and again we have to move on a path to reach the city of health and liberation (from addiction). A pupil is called a traveler in this path, a traveler who moves from darkness to light because nothing is seen in the darkness
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