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The Blissful State

The Blissful State

The fact that most of us are not happy with what we have is visible in many situations in life. Imagine a kid who has a delicious ice-cream and is enjoying every bite of it. Each time he licks the ice cream he shakes his head with pleasure and thinks to himself “wow! What a delicious ice cream!” while he is enjoying himself immensely. As soon as he sees another kid with a chocolate in his hand, he forgets about his ice-cream and the pleasure he was experiencing a few moments ago. He gets up and moves towards the other kid. While taking the ice cream with one hand, he stretches that hand to keep the ice cream as far as possible from his body. He approaches the kid with the chocolate in this aggressive pose.

The anxiety and the image of him eating the delicious chocolate become stronger and stronger in his mind. He cannot think of anything else besides eating that chocolate. He has no time and interest for any discussions because any attempt to negotiate might delay him having the chocolate. With this mind set and pose he attacks the chocolate while holding the ice cream with one hand and trying to protect it at all costs. Since he has entered the battle with only one hand, the task becomes more difficult.

During the struggle he drops the delicious ice cream which is crushed immediately. He forsakes the ice cream and tries to grab the chocolate with both hands. While he is about to succeed, his opponent draws and uses a new weapon. Subsequently, the boy who had the ice cream lets out a hysterical cry and gives up the chocolate. That weapon was nothing but the white, crooked, chocolate covered sharp teeth of the chocolate boy.

At this time, the boy who has lost his ice cream is crying and looking at the opponent’s teeth mark on his hand in disbelief. He is shocked and wants to prepare himself for another attack. Suddenly one of his parents arrives and inquires about the incident. Thereafter he receives a smack on the head and a few scolding. The parent proceeds to tell the boy with the chocolate “sorry, this kid has not been raised properly. We will discipline him ourselves”.

This is the last scene of a childish play which some or most of us perform every day; we are in this constant battle. Even if the bold child managed to get the chocolate, his parents would have taken it back and returned it to its owner. Let’s assume that he got the chocolate and ate it, even in this case life would somehow take the chocolate back. You either learn from the teacher or life would teach you anyways. If the child with ice cream was content and appreciated every moment of it, he could enjoy a world full of joy and pleasure with every bite and mind his own business.

Adopted from the Book "The Blissful State" Written by: Hossein Dezhakam"

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